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Addirktive Announces Two Novel Games Under Their Main IP ‘CityStates’

Addirktive is a blockchain game development firm that has developed two innovative games, in the realm of urban planning.

Addirktive has announced two novel games under their main IP “CityStates”. The first game is called “we happy few 2” and the second is called “the great escape”. Both of these games will be released in 2019.

Addirktive Announces Two Novel Games Under Their Main IP ‘CityStates’

“Medieval City-States (CS:M)” and “Dominance of city states (CS:DO)” are two of Addirktive’s newest products, and the company is thrilled to announce the rapid progress of both. Both games are based on the CityStates IP, however they are distinct iterations of the same globe.

Other creative addirktive solutions include their ‘Dashboard,’ which enables cross-blockchain bridging, ‘Tokens,’ which facilitate games, ‘Payments,’ which allow for seamless integration, and ‘Microequity,’ which allows for crowdfunding.

“addirktive Games positions itself to take over GameFi, focusing on excellent gameplay and long-term sustainability,” the core team at addirktive Games recently said.


CSM, addirktive’s in-house coin, was created earlier this year, signifying governance and profit-sharing in the CityStates IP. The selling of CSM tokens also served as a kind of crowdsourcing for future CityStates game development.

Holders of CSM tokens may participate in game decision-making and get royalties on the IP’s revenues.

The CityStates initiative has grown across the community through word of mouth since the pre-sale of CSM (On CoinGecko) tokens. City States: Medieval now has 1.9k Reddit users and nearly 6k Twitter followers as of this writing.

Development of Video Games

The team at addirktive Games is now hard at work on CS:M and CS:DO. Registration for City States: Medieval is currently open, while City States: Domination is still in the works.

CityStates is a groundbreaking initiative that intends to make blockchain gaming accessible to all players, even those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. “Zero barrier onboarding of crypto users and non-crypto users alike,” according to addirktive Games.

The games have been under development for two years, with BETA testing set to begin before the end of 2022.

City States: Medieval

City States: Medieval focuses on a broader gaming audience, aiming to drive widespread adoption by reaching out to both crypto and gaming aficionados. To play CS:M, users do not required to connect any external wallets or funded accounts, unlike other blockchain games. It is absolutely free to play and very user-friendly for novices.

As the name implies, CS:M is a mobile game set in the medieval times, similar to Lords Mobile and Clash of Clans. Players may use complicated and elaborate techniques to outwit their opponents in CS:M, which is a Player against Player (PvP) game.

Because CS:M is a blockchain-based game, it supports cross-platform and cross-device PvP.

City States: Domination

City States: Domination is designed to appeal to players who are already acquainted with blockchain and cryptocurrency games. While CS:DO is less game-intensive than CS:M, it does have extra features such as NFTs and a marketplace.

CS:DO is a browser-based game that may be played without having to download anything.

addirktive Games expects that CS:DO will be able to deliver a complete gaming experience for crypto aficionados and will be released as a distinct product in the future.

More information about addirktive Games will be released later this month.


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