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Can Bitcoin’s hard cap of 21 million be changed?

Bitcoin is the most valued cryptocurrency in the world. However, some analysts have suggested that Bitcoin’s 21 million cap could be changed to allow more coins into circulation. This would increase demand for Bitcoins and draw in new investors who are wary of investing their money with a fixed supply. The idea has been hotly contested by other economists, but it remains an interesting proposition nonetheless.,

Bitcoin’s hard cap of 21 million is a limit that can’t be changed. But, it may be possible to change the bitcoin supply in the future. Read more in detail here: 21 million bitcoin.

Can Bitcoin's hard cap of 21 million be changed?



Bitcoin’s hard cap is protected against change via its incentive structure and governance system. Because of the network’s design, the organizations who manage Bitcoin’s ruleset have enormous incentives to resist a change to the hard limit, while those who want to modify it have little control over the network.


The miners have the biggest vested interest in changing Bitcoin’s hard limit. Changing Bitcoin’s hard limit might temporarily enhance miners’ revenue. However, doing so would nullify one of Bitcoin’s primary selling points: its scarcity.

For many investors, the predictability and fixed supply of BTC is appealing. However, removing the core engine of Bitcoin’s value proposition is not in miners’ best interests. Although the change will increase miner income in BTC terms, it will result in a permanent price drop, resulting in a net loss of miner revenue in fiat terms.

Because almost all of their expenditures — wages, equipment costs, and energy bills — are paid in fiat, miners are more concerned with their fiat-denominated profits than their Bitcoin-denominated earnings. As a consequence, if the price of Bitcoin drops, miners will lose money.

Bitcoin Administration

The prospect of altering Bitcoin’s hard limit arises from two fundamental misunderstandings about BTC as a distributed, consensus-based network. To begin with, the Bitcoin source code is available in dozens, if not hundreds, of distinct versions. Every node in the Bitcoin network, for example, runs software that rejects any blocks that are wrong.

While many nodes run the most current version of Bitcoin Core, some continue to use older versions and implementations. As a consequence, although updating the source code of BTC Core is trivial, getting tens of thousands of nodes to adopt these changes is much more difficult.

Miners also have no influence on the network’s rules. Miners, on the other hand, are in charge of producing new blocks and validating transactions. When miners submit a new block to the network, it is independently verified by tens of thousands of nodes to ensure that it creates a sufficient quantity of new BTC, has valid proof-of-work, and includes valid transactions. Nodes will reject any blocks that do not meet these requirements, meaning that miners have no influence over Bitcoin’s rulebook.

This idea was proven by reality when 95% of miners agreed to raise the block size limit in 2017 in an effort to enable Bitcoin to grow. Nodes and users, on the other hand, successfully rejected the change and pushed miners to move to a new scaling technique.

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The “bitcoin market cap” is the total value of all bitcoins currently in circulation. The hard cap on bitcoin is set at 21 million, but can this limit be changed?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 21 million bitcoin limit be changed?

A: No, the 21 million bitcoin limit is not something that can be changed.

Can Bitcoins hard cap be changed?

A: The Bitcoin maximum cap is set at 21 million coins. This limit cannot be changed.

Who can change the code of bitcoin?

A: You cannot change the code of bitcoin.

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