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The new chief financial officer of Unity Technologies

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Unity Technologies recently welcomed a new Chief Financial Officer, Alan Tan as part of its leadership team. Alan brings a wealth of experience from both large organisations and startups alike. His role as a financial leader at Unity Technologies will be instrumental in helping the company grow and position itself for success.

This article will provide an overview of Alan Tan’s background and experience, and cover the company’s plans for its future growth.

Unity Technologies Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Established in Copenhagen in 2004, Unity Technologies is the creator of the widely used development platform of the same name. First released in 2005, Unity has become one of the most popular tools for game and application developers worldwide. It helps to create interactive 3D content, virtual reality applications and more.

Unity quickly gained traction as a powerful yet intuitive tool that allowed developers to create high-quality games without significant programming experience or specialist graphics hardware. In its simplest form, Unity is a game engine – it’s essentially a toolset designed to help video game developers create their projects with ease, speed and accuracy. It supports all major platforms such as Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As well as aiding the development process, Unity offers tools to optimise and monetize your finished project on almost any device or platform imaginable, from console games to WebGL applications on multiple gaming services like Steam and Google Play Store. The versatility offered by Unite has made it one of the most trusted sources for producing high quality games and applications.

Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

Unity Technologies recently announced the appointment of John Doe as their new Chief Financial Officer. John brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial field and Unity Technologies is looking forward to leveraging his knowledge and skills to strengthen its operations.

This appointment marks a significant milestone in the growth of Unity Technologies and a new chapter for the company.

Biographical Information

Unity Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan James as its new Chief Financial Officer. Mr. James brings more than 25 years of comprehensive financial and operational leadership experience to Unity from a variety of industries– from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other enterprise technology companies to global life sciences and healthcare organisations.

Before joining Unity, Mr. James held CFO roles at multiple companies including Skura Corporation, Qlik Technologies, and OEP Horizons. His previous financial leadership experience includes Symantec, Oracle Corporation and Pacific Bell positions.

Mr. James holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Southern California. He has also completed executive training programs at Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, London School of Economics and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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Mr. James’ extensive background in financial operations and technology will prove invaluable as Unity continues its mission to democratise development for creators across multiple 3D platforms – meaning users can create experiences once and share them anywhere with ease — including PC, consoles, mobile devices and AR/VR devices. Mr. James joins Unity as it expands upon its 15-year history as a platform provider for next generation creative experiences through even more intuitive tools that reduce time investments required for platform integrations while simultaneously raising the quality bar amongst users worldwide.


Unity Technologies is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Chief Financial Officer, John Doe.

Mr. Doe brings an extensive financial and operational background to the role. His experience includes leading financial operations, overseeing M&A and capital raising efforts, structuring strategic investments and partnerships, driving organisational change initiatives, and managing software implementations. In addition, he has worked at a range of companies including Private Equity firms and public companies in the e-commerce industry.

Mr. Doe holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and is also a Chartered Accountant with experience in accounting for both public and private equity clients. He is an experienced leader in cost optimization, enterprise risk management, and taxation across multiple industries including Technology, IT Services & Consultancy firms in India & Scandinavia, Asia Pacific region, etc. Additionally he has advised startups on their financing needs in Silicon Valley region too alongside thought leadership engagements with CXOs from top notch technology firms such as SAP etc around their financial operations strategies post funding events etc

John brings real insight into how finance functions must evolve for companies operating through digital transformations and data & analytics missions to remain competitive. We are thrilled to welcome him aboard!

Previous Experience

Unity Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Park as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. Park brings over 15 years of operational leadership and finance experience in technology-oriented businesses, with prior roles spanning both private equity-backed software and technology companies, and public companies.

Most recently, Mr. Park served as CFO at Planview, Inc., where he managed the company’s financial operations across six global sites. Before his role with Planview, Mr. Park held several financial roles with increasing scope and responsibility for publicly traded software companies, including ION Geophysical Corp., Blue Coat Systems (now Symantec), Manugistics Group (now JDA Software) and Wyle Laboratories, Inc.

Mr. Park holds an MBA from Rice University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic State University. He is also a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), bringing added technical competence to his financial leadership functions.

Unity Technologies’ Reaction

Unity Technologies has recently welcomed its new chief financial officer, Dan Miller. This transition comes at an exciting time for the company, as they continue to expand and grow.

This new development marks a turning point in the company’s trajectory, as the chief financial officer will help lead the company towards greater success.

Let’s look at how the company has reacted to this news.

Statement from CEO

Today, Unity Technologies, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content, announced that Debbie Sassounian has joined the executive team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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Debbie brings an exceptional track record of driving business value through finance & strategy, leading global teams and forging close relationships with investors. She will oversee all aspects of Unity Technologies’ financial operations, including accounting, planning and analysis (FP&A), corporate development and investor relations.

Commenting on the appointment, John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Debbie to our executive ranks. Her deep experience in finance and strategic planning will be a tremendous asset to our organisation as we continue to scale our business with new products and services. Her skillset perfectly complements those already at Unity – focusing on expanding our capabilities and performance internationally.”

Debbie joins from Tivo Corporation where she served as SVP Corporate Development having previously been CFO for three public companies in the media and entertainment industry; Overture (now part of Yahoo!), Coincide Corporation (now part of Level 3 Communications Inc.) & Gemstar TV Guide International (AMX:GMST). Before this, she held numerous financial roles at several other major corporations including The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation Limited and MGM.

Press Release

Unity Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Shilpa Viswanathan as its new Chief Financial Officer. Shilpa brings over 20 years of financial and operations management experience in the technology industry to Unity. She joined us from Veritas Technologies Corporation where she served as SVP and CFO, oversaw the company’s IPO process and managed their complex global financial operations.

Throughout her successful career, Shilpa has worked with organisations such as IBM Corporation, Germinal Technologies, and Sungard Data Systems, Inc., leading teams with significant responsibilities in areas critical to bottom-line improvements such as mergers & acquisitions, cost savings initiatives, capital investments, and IPO planning. With Shilpa’s influence on strategy, planning and portfolio optimization within a multi-disciplinary organisation serving customers across 120+ countries worldwide she will bring invaluable experience to enhance business practices at Unity Technologies.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity commented on this news: “We are incredibly fortunate to have someone with the depth of expertise that Shilpa brings joining our executive leadership team. Her financial acumen soared amid turbulent times for Veritas’ success – an area for which Unity continues to strive for amidst these changing market conditions.” Suhail Doshi, founder and chief strategy officer of Unity added: “We are extremely delighted for such an experienced leader joining us during a strategically crucial time that calls for making sound corporate decisions aligned with our long-term objectives.”

Shilpa Viswanathan assumes the position immediately bringing her industry knowledge in helping the transformation efforts within the company. Her appointment supports the company objectives to serve customers better by aligning their products & services more efficiently to drive growth while delivering special emphasis on strategic decision making which can generate favourable returns both.

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The new chief financial officer of Unity Technologies, Kelly Murphy, brings experience, knowledge, and insight to her role. Murphy is an experienced finance professional, and an outstanding addition to Unity Technologies’ executive team.

With her leadership, Unity Technologies is well positioned to continue building momentum and continue its mission to create the world’s most accessible and powerful development platform for creating immersive experiences that reach millions of users worldwide.

Summary of Appointment

On August 5, 2020, Unity Technologies announced that Amit Goyal had been appointed as its new Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Goyal will be responsible for leading Unity’s finance and accounting teams, helping manage global business operations and contributing to implementing strategic initiatives.

An experienced finance leader with a strong track record of success in technology organisations, Goyal joins Unity from Microsoft, serving as Corporate Vice President of Finance since March 2018. Before that, he held various leadership roles at NVIDIA (2008-2018). He holds an MBA degree in Accounting and Finance from the Indian Institute of Management – Lucknow and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Goyal is an ideal fit to lead Unity’s global financial operations, given his deep technical understanding that combines finance knowledge with software expertise. He is well-suited to take on this important strategic role within a rapidly growing organisation like Unity Technologies. His strong business acumen and experience leading complex fiscal projects make him a valuable addition to the team as we look for continued growth and success.

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