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The Benefits of Using TigerGraph for Data Analysis

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data available today? To better understand this vast data, TigerGraph has raised $105 million to help companies make sense of it.

With its powerful capabilities, TigerGraph can provide advanced data analysis for your business needs. Discover how in this article!

Introduction to TigerGraph

TigerGraph is a powerful, graph-based data analytics platform designed to help you store, manage, analyze and visualize your data. TigerGraph leverages the power of graph algorithms to quickly uncover insights hidden within huge amounts of complex interrelated data. It offers unparalleled scalability and speed, allowing users to explore large volumes of connected data quickly and easily. In addition, TigerGraph enables users to create real-time applications with its highly optimized multi-threaded engine.

Whether you’re looking for insights on customer behavior in retail or manufacturing operations or need a tool for detecting correlations in medical research studies, TigerGraph is a great solution for providing deep visibility into how information is connected throughout your data. Its broad range of features include distributed query processing and indexing coupled with interactive visualization capabilities that provide rapid analysis of huge graphs. In addition, the platform provides support for complex analytics such as subgraph matching, shortest path analysis and recommendations based on graph patterns, and numerous features such as geospatial functionality that make it suitable for exploration and discovery tasks such as fraud detection.

Overall, TigerGraph provides organizations with advanced tools for leveraging the power of graphs across various industries from finance to healthcare – helping them achieve faster decisions, increased intelligence from their data and gain better visibility over their entire dataset.

Benefits of using TigerGraph for Data Analysis

TigerGraph is a powerful, comprehensive data analysis platform. Built around modern graph theories, it provides lightning-fast querying, insights into previously hidden relationships and interactive visualizations. The platform is designed to help everyone from data engineers to business analysts quickly prepare and explore data at scale.

TigerGraph provides many advantages for users looking for solutions in data analysis. TigerGraph allows for powerful BI integration so users can gain a deep understanding of their business’s performance and uncover meaningful patterns in customer interactions. Its advanced distributed analytics system allows you to run queries anywhere on your connected devices to get the most up-to-date insights from your data sources. With TigerGraph’s ability to query much larger datasets than traditional solutions, users can get deeper insights into the relationships between their data points quickly and easily, allowing them to make more informed decisions based on those insights.

In addition to leveraging its advanced query capabilities, TigerGraph also excels at visualizing complex datasets in interactive maps and graphs that are easy to understand and manipulate. This helps analysts instantly identify trends or areas of concern in their datasets without complex programming or statistical knowledge. The platform also allows users to see how specific elements in an image contribute directly or indirectly in certain results or interpretations from their graphs, which can be invaluable when analyzing large datasets with infinite variables. Additionally, TiGergraph allows organizations to easily access different privacy settings that meet regulatory compliance requirements while sharing useful insights across all stakeholders within the enterprise ecosystem, allowing organizations greater flexibility when sharing information internally or externally with partners or clients.

The use of TigerGraph offers organizations greater agility when dealing with complex data sets no matter where they are stored or accessed; allowing them access meaningful patterns in unstructured social media data; integrated analytics across diverse sources – relational DB’s & unstructured files that give deeper intelligence into customer behavior; secure collaboration with stakeholders while meeting privacy legal obligations; real-time operational alerts that help improve customer service; fast prototyping & deployment of proofs-of-concept; and machine learning powered push recommendation engine that brings personalized experiences directly to customers through highly effective targeted marketing strategies even when user preferences change over time – delivering groundbreaking advantage for businesses today.

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TigerGraph Raises $105M To Help Companies Better Understand Data

The data analysis platform TigerGraph recently raised a significant funding round that is expected to further bolster its growing suite of products. The company, led by co-founder and CEO Srinivasraman Venkatraman, received $105 million in a series C funding round, bringing its total funding to over $137 million.

TigerGraph has seen tremendous growth and innovation since it was established in 2012. Its unique offering allows companies to quickly ingest massive amounts of data and marry advanced analytical capabilities with machine learning algorithms to gain previously impossible insights into their customers or operations. With this series C round, TigerGraph can now allocate more resources to further their product offerings and expand into new industries.

With the additional funds, TigerGraph is expected to hire more employees for research and development (R&D) efforts across its array of products – from existing databases and analytics tools to new cloud-based solutions. In addition, the company will increase its salesforce and continue collaborating with third parties such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Ultimately, their investments should lead to a more diverse solutions with increased scalability for users on all organizational levels.

Advantages of TigerGraph over Traditional Data Analysis

TigerGraph is a powerful tool that has some distinct advantages over traditional data analysis. This graph database platform offers users data flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to gain insights from large datasets quickly and accurately.

Additionally, TigerGraph allows for on-demand query execution with its advanced analytics technology, meaning businesses can take advantage of data insight in a fraction of the time that traditional methods require.

Furthermore, TigerGraph provides businesses with a secure solution for their data analysis needs as data exchanges are conducted via private networks instead of public ones.

Finally, this platform helps businesses save money by eliminating the need for costly on-premise servers or cloud servers. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that TigerGraph is increasingly being used as an alternative to the more traditional means of conducting analytics.

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How TigerGraph Helps Companies Better Understand Data

Companies increasingly rely on data analysis to better understand their customers, products, and environments. However, as the data complexity and volume grows, traditional solutions may be unable to provide power to process and analyze data quickly enough. TigerGraph is an innovative platform specifically designed to handle complex data analysis challenges.

TigerGraph is a graph database that enables companies to gain real time insights into their businesses using large-scale network analytics. It provides an easy-to-use high performance architecture that is fast and reliable so data can be analyzed efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. In addition, tigerGraph helps companies better understand the relationships within their core datasets to uncover valuable and actionable insights about their business operations, customer behavior, and competition in the market.

With TigerGraph’s comprehensive suite of tools, companies can take advantage of advanced analytics capabilities including natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics, machine learning (ML) algorithms, graph search, link analysis, and more perform complex queries that reveal findings in a matter of minutes or seconds instead of days or weeks like other platforms would require. This type of instant feedback allows for more efficient decisions for product pricing strategy changes, optimizations for marketing campaigns or sales tactics evaluation.

Additionally, TigerGraph’s distributed query processing engine makes it possible for companies to scale horizontally without sacrificing runtime performance, enabling faster real-time recommendations since the system can process multiple queries concurrently. The result is improved customer experience with shorter response times while reducing operational costs simultaneously – a win/win situation.

Use Cases for TigerGraph

TigerGraph is the world’s leading graph database and is used by some of the world’s largest companies. Used for deep linking and advanced analytics, it provides an interactive interface to explore massive data sets quickly, using easy visualizations to uncover hidden relationships. As a result, TigerGraph can be used to drive business growth by tapping into valuable insights in customer behavior and using those insights to make better decisions.

This makes TigerGraph an invaluable tool for any organization that needs to process complex data on the fly or find subtle correlations in their data. It can be used in use cases such as customer segmentation, fraud detection, machine learning applications, and text analytics.

Furthermore, TigerGraph’s unique Multi-RELational Graph capabilities enable users to query many relationships among nodes simultaneously, quickly identifying patterns and correlations that may have been difficult or impossible before with traditional databases. This makes it ideal for use cases involving highly interconnected datasets such as social network analysis or recommendation engines.

The combination of its powerful query language and vast intuition-based visualization features gives users unprecedented speed and accuracy when analyzing large datasets–allowing them to quickly turn insights into actionable results. Furthermore, with its scalability and performance capabilities based on parallelization capabilities that leverage MPP architectures with query optimization techniques such as message passing frameworks like MPI and distributed cache systems like Spark Cache – organizations can gain unprecedented insight faster than ever.

tigergraph 105m tiger 170m lardinoistechcrunch

Challenges of Using TigerGraph

TigerGraph is an open source graph database platform created to solve the biggest data challenges faced by enterprises. It powers real-time analytics over numerous highly connected datasets and supports quick, scalable analysis, enabling enterprises to realize deep insights quickly and more easily.

While this powerful tool is capable of helping organizations analyze data in an efficient manner, it can be difficult to use in certain situations and poses a few challenges. One challenge posed by TigerGraph is the sheer amount of data that needs to be processed, which can cause processing times to slow down considerably. Additionally, synchronizing with live data often requires more resources than their competitors since it requires transforming the underlying graph structure for every query execution. Finally, due to its size and complexity, debugging TigerGraph application code can be time-consuming and difficult if not done properly or without prior experience.

While these challenges exist within TigerGraph, they should not deter potential users from taking advantage of its benefits as a powerful and cost-efficient way to analyse Internet of Things (IoT) data sets, medical datasets or social networks. Furthermore, taking the time to understand TigerGraph’s features – including sophisticated algorithms for large-scale complex network analysis – will take companies one step closer to succeeding with their data analysis endeavours.


In conclusion, TigerGraph is an incredibly powerful and efficient platform for executing data analysis and serving graph-enabled applications. Its real-time analytics and deep insights capabilities allow it to uncover connections between related datasets, identify patterns, trends, and anomalies from both structured and unstructured data. Furthermore, its scalability and high performance makes it an ideal solution for larger datasets.

With its intuitive UI and solution templates for common use cases for big data analytics, TigerGraph provides a reliable platform for enterprises to quickly build powerful graph analytics applications with minimal effort.

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