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iPad Pro: The Perfect Device for Creative Professionals

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Are you a professional looking for an all-in-one device? Look no further! Apple’s head honchos Greg Joswiak and John Ternus give us the run down on the iPad Pro and its extensive M1 chip capabilities, unparalleled Liquid Retina XDR display, Center Stage camera capability, and more.

Read our blog to discover how the iPad Pro is perfect for creative professionals.

Introduction to the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro reveals a new generation of Apple tablets designed and optimized for creative professionals. Unlike previous iPads, the iPad Pro models feature large Retina HD displays, pencil-level precision, lightning fast processing power, and powerful audio capabilities. In addition to being a great tool for playing games and watching videos, the iPad Pro was also developed with creative professionals in mind. This means the device can easily help you handle tasks such as creating graphics for a presentation or animation for an advertising campaign.

The iPad Pro offers two models: The 12.9-inch model and the 9.7-inch model, both with an Apple A9X pro processor under their hoods. The Retina HD displays come with resolutions of 2732 x 2048 pixels on the 12.9-inch display and 2048 x 1536 pixels on the 9.7-inch version, respectively. With four HD speakers built into each device for enhanced sound quality and four microphones for improved audio recording clarity, these devices are ideally suited for video recording. Additionally, Apple has implemented some software features to make creative applications easier to use on its large displays such as 4K video editing capabilities on iMovie and 3D Touch technology integrated in color palette navigation on Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

In summary, with advances in technology that have made tablets more versatile than ever before — thanks to larger screens and low weight — the iPad Pro models have been created with creative professionals in mind while also continuing to provide users access to all of their favorite entertainment options like games and streaming content through apps such as Netflix or Hulu Plus. These iPads offer increased performance and have been specifically designed around providing an optimal user experience when working with powerful design tools or engaging software solutions for any kind of media production needs you might face during your day-to-day routine.

Apple’s marketing head Greg Joswiak and hardware chief John Ternus on M1 chip in iPad Pro, Liquid Retina XDR display, Center Stage camera capability, and more

Apple’s Marketing Head Greg Joswiak and Hardware Chief John Ternus shared the M1-powered iPad Pro at Apple’s April 2021 event. They emphasized the device’s powerful hardware capabilities, noting that it can handle complex tasks while still being very power efficient.

The two executives cited the iPad Pro’s speed in photo editing, gaming, audio/video editing and more. The device also uses a new Liquid Retina XDR display technology, which enables better screen quality than an OLED screen on a laptop. In addition, the M1 chip helps to extend battery life on the iPad Pro to up to 15 hours of video playback and 10 hours of web browsing. Users can also take advantage of additional features such as a 5G connection, dual external displays support and USB-C support for transferring data from one device to another.

The iPad Pro showcases Apple’s latest technologies in one package and emphasizes how creative professionals can use them for their work or business needs. It is truly an impressive device and offers something for everyone in terms of its powerful hardware capabilities, long battery life and excellent display technologies.

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Liquid Retina XDR Display

The iPad Pro state-of-the-art Liquid Retina XDR display is maxed out with the 120Hz ProMotion technology. As a result, it’s the perfect way to get more out of your experience with ultra-smooth scrolling and better color accuracy. The Pro’s 2,732×2,048 resolution gives you 288 pixels per inch (ppi), and produces incredibly smooth images every time.

To top off this incredible display, it also packs Dolby Vision HDR set to 500 nits of peak brightness and a true tone technology that offers colors closer to how they appear in real life. Together they make the iPad Pro’s screen bright enough for outdoors but still well balanced in low light situations like nighttime use.

With this Liquid Retina XDR display technology, you’ll never miss a moment of the action and will be amazed at how well you can bring your creative visions to life.

Center Stage Camera Capability

The Center Stage Camera capability of the iPad Pro is one of its most impressive features, and it’s perfect for video chats, multitasking and stunning live performances.

This unique feature provides smooth and life-like performance support right to the center of the iPad Pro’s 11″ or 12.9″ displays, allowing users to use two cameras while they record audio or video. Thanks to its two- camera system, Center Stage allows users to easily switch between a standard camera view and an ultra-wide camera view to capture every detail without ever having to move the iPad Pro around. It even recognizes when you turn your head or step away so you can get a wider angle shot without switching cameras at all!

The advanced performance capabilities allow apps like FaceTime and GroupFaceTime to dynamically adjust the image size so that everyone in a meeting can be seen in crystal clear quality from any angle. In addition, the microphone system helps capture every sound precisely no matter how far away from the screen. Thanks to this incredible feature, creative professionals will have no trouble collaborating on projects from different parts of the world with exceptional picture quality.

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Editing and Creating Content

The iPad Pro provides intuitive tools to bring your creative visions to life. With the power of the Apple A12Z Bionic chip, you can edit photos and videos, create music and animation, design graphics and websites, produce documents, and easily develop interactive apps.

The iPad Pro comes pre-installed with powerful apps such as Final Cut Pro, GarageBand, CorelDraw Graphic Studio, Pages, Numbers and Keynote for creating professional-quality projects quickly and efficiently. In addition, the 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display offers an incredibly immersive view for incredibly sharp detail as you work — up to 5K resolution when using an external display alongside your iPad Pro device.

The innovative Apple Pencil also enables you to draw precisely on the display with pixel-perfect accuracy, making sketching complex designs easier than ever before. In addition, with easy access controls on either side of the device, multitasking is a breeze — switch between split view apps instantly — perfect for those who want maximum productivity but don’t want the hassle of bouncing between many different workspaces or screens while editing creative content.

Connectivity Features

Connectivity features set the iPad Pro apart from other tablets, making it the perfect choice for creative professionals. Easily connect to all your devices, get online via Wi-Fi or 4G, and quickly access data using Bluetooth or USB.

The iPad Pro has an impressive 10 Gigabit/s port and USB-C connector, allowing you to quickly transfer data, plug in peripherals like keyboards and external hard drives, or even sync with your Apple Pencil. The device can even be connected to a 5K monitor via a compatible adaptor. Additionally, the 11-inch iPad Pro enjoys more than double the wireless capability of previous devices, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi that offers transfer speeds of up to 867Mbps. With this kind of performance it allows you to take advantage of speedy internet access no matter where you are.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro supports up to one terabyte of storage (with a suitable adaptor) making it ideal for music production projects which often require high storage space for multi-layers audio files and complex compositions. You can also easily share large files without needing any third party service as the iPad will allow file transfers over a Wi-Fi connection directly from the device.

Overall, with its superb blend of speed and affordable price point for tablet users looking for great media consumption experience and creative professionals needing powerful connectivity options, the Apple iPad Pro is without question one of the best devices on market today!

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Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are two key considerations for the modern professional with an iPad Pro. Fortunately, Apple devices provide a wide range of secure data management options.

iPad Pro’s Secure Enclave processor is designed to protect personal information and is encrypted to protect your data from hackers and other malicious actors. In addition, face ID technology allows you to quickly and securely unlock your device and approve purchases with a simple glance. With Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint as an alternate authentication method.

In addition, Apple has various security protocols in place to protect user data such as App Store approvals, individual app restrictions via “Screen Time,” structured file system layouts, encryption of all stored files, continual scanning of memory for malicious codes or attacks, secure transmissions between apps and servers over HTTPS protocol, and more.

Additionally, iPad Pro allows users to access various third-party app services with built-in security features such as Dropbox or Microsoft Office 365. There are also various solutions available for businesses that want additional levels of privacy for their devices such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions or some VPNs on the device’s Wi-Fi connection.

Ultimately, choosing the iPad Pro provides users with peace of mind knowing that their data is secure without worrying about malware or other online threats compromising it.


The iPad Pro is an exceptional device among tablets, especially for creative professionals. Its fast processor, sharp display, versatile accessories and strong battery life provide an intuitive platform for productivity.

The Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard provide an immersive canvas for artists and creators to utilize their full range of talents – all while featuring a stylish design that looks great while you work. It is easy to see why the iPad Pro has become the go-to device for many power users and creative professionals who want to maximize their technology investment.

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