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Dollar Eases as Forex Market Deals With Falling Yields

The dollar eased on Wednesday as the focus shifted to the central bank’s decision not to raise interest rates, while a surge in bullish bets on bitcoin futures helped pull up U.S.-listed shares of some Asian companies.

The “rising yield is dollar bullish” is a phrase that has been used for a long time. It refers to when the yield on the U.S. Treasury Bond rises, it makes the dollar more attractive as an investment.

Dollar Eases as Forex Market Deals With Falling Yields



  • GBP & EUR On Treasury Yield Weakness, Attempt to Strengthen
  • Optimistic Outlook Shines in Geopolitics
  • After a broad recovery, stocks are upbeat.

In the previous 24-hours, the USD forex market has begun to exhibit signs of weakness, despite a generally more bullish market outlook that has removed the need for a safe haven currency like the USD. With both the Euro and the Pound having suffered lately, this has provided a chance for both to consolidate at higher levels. Meanwhile, tensions between the United States and Russia have been a focal point, dampening market confidence marginally. This hasn’t altered things on Wall Street, where equities are aiming for a third straight day of gains.

GBP and EUR Profit from Weakness

At the start of this week, both the Euro and the Pound gained some ground. Despite conflicting economic data from Germany, where long-time leader Angela Merkel has stepped down to be replaced by Olaf Scholz after 16 years as Chancellor, the former is trading closer to 1.13.

The GBP has also regained some momentum, trading at about 1.325. Sterling’s strength has been tougher to come by as the Omicron case number, along with other long-running Brexit issues, has remained a concern. There is also a belief among FX traders who trade the Pound that the rise in new COVID-19 variant cases would force the Bank of England to postpone any interest rate rises. Despite the uncertainties, the general prognosis for Omicron seems to be better than anticipated.

Relations between the United States and Russia are deteriorating.

According to forex brokers, a risk-on mindset has taken hold in the currency market and beyond. This comes as the Omicron variety hasn’t slowed down economic growth as much as some had predicted. The tone was quite upbeat, especially given the recent weakening of US Treasury Yields. The meeting between US Vice President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday shook this little.

The meetings underlined the US stance, and the country’s opposition to any Russian invasion of Ukraine was made quite apparent. This would very certainly lead to severe economic consequences. Markets have lost some of their bullish edge as a result of the tone of the conference, as well as any possible ramifications.

Stocks on the Lookout for More Bounce

Following a good comeback across the board in all sectors to start the week, Wall Street is anticipating another favorable day. With a 3.5 percent rise in the sector yesterday, technology in particular came back to life. The S&P500 had its finest day since March yesterday, as major names roared back.

Early pre-market trade showed slight advances on all of the main indexes, however the virus’s threat may be supplanted by geopolitical concerns. The next topic of interest for traders will most likely be the US CPI statistics, which are coming on Friday. These are almost certain to influence the direction of the Fed’s next move on inflation.

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The “bond yields and currency relationship” is a topic that has been discussed for some time now. The dollar eased as the forex market deals with falling yields.

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