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Belvo’s Open Finance API Platform Expands Across Latin America

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Belvo is a FinTech company that has raised $43 million in its Series A funding round to accelerate the expansion of its Open Finance API platform across Latin America. The Open Finance API platform allows developers to access banking, financial and other financial APIs to create products and services.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Belvo’s Open Finance API platform, its impact on Latin America, and the opportunities it has created in the region.

Overview of Belvo

Belvo is a financial technology firm offering an open finance API platform with tools to help developers, online businesses and Fintechs in Latin America access banking data securely. Belvo is ambitious to help people, companies, and developers all over LatAm to power innovative financial products.

The company’s mission is to make life easier and banking faster for everyone involved. To do this, Belvo enables developers with an easy-to-use platform to focus on creating great products and igniting digital innovation.

Using their open finance platform, individuals and companies can access their banking data quickly by connecting to over 150 banks across 9 countries in Latin America. They are also dedicated to providing a secure connection for users so that their information remains safe and private. In addition, with its integrations within popular platforms such as Google Sheets & Slack, users can connect seamlessly with other services they use daily.

Through its user-friendly dashboard interface, businesses now have access to functionality such as customer onboarding; push notifications; generating documents like bank statements & invoices; running auditing processes on customer data; Generating custom reports such as expense breakdowns & profit-and-loss statements; Connecting customer accounts or transactions from POS systems automatically; & much more!

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Overview of Belvo’s Open Finance API platform

Belvo’s Open Finance API platform was created to streamline the personal finance user experience and provides a secure, easy-to-use solution for companies in Latin America seeking an efficient and safe open banking service. The platform allows companies to easily access data from their customers’ financial accounts, and use this data not only to store customer information but also analyze trends in customer spending, create marketing campaigns, and gain insights into the customer base.

Using the Belvo Open Finance API platform, companies can provide their customers with up-to-date information regarding their financial situation such as insight into payments history, credit card statements, account balances and other payment details. They can also utilize the platform to offer special discounts or rewards for customers who use specific services. In addition, companies can easily manage multiple accounts from different banks with a single integration without writing new code for each banking provider.

With a simple signup process, Belvo’s Open Finance API offers a secure solution that prevents any third party from accessing personal customer data. The platform offers end-to-end encryption of all customer information for maximum security. In addition, it complies with regulations such as PSD2/GDPR to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and provide high protection against malicious activity and fraudulent transactions.

The Belvo Open Finance API platform is now available in countries throughout Latin America including: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico , Peru , Uruguay , Ecuador , Panama , Costa Rica, Guatemala , Bolivia , El Salvador and Paraguay . Expanding across Latin America Belvo’s Open Finance API makes it easier for companies to provide improved financial services securely (and safely) throughout the region.

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Belvo raises $43 mn Series A, accelerates the expansion of Open Finance API platform across Latin America

Belvo, a Madrid-based fintech startup, announced the successful completion of its $43 mn Series A funding round, which Accel and RealVentures led.

The new capital will expand its Open Finance API platform across Latin America. Belvo’s goal is to enable developers to quickly and securely access, analyze, and control financial data from banks and fintechs.

With this latest funding round, Belvo has raised $50 mn.

Overview of the Series A round

Belvo has recently raised $43 Mn in its Series A funding round with investors such as RedPoint Ventures, Seaya Ventures, Spark Capital and Vilcap Investments. The funds will be used to continue building the team, expand services and grow the customer base throughout Latin America.

The newly-raised funds will help Belvo continue developing and expanding its open finance API platform and provide access to financial services to companies, institutions and developers across the region. Belvo provides APIs that enable fast and secure integrations with local banks’ accounts, identity validation services and other data-driven products. This upturn in Series A funding will provide Belvo with extra capital to scale the business, expand operations within Latin America, and offer customers an improved range of financial products.

This investment signifies a strong belief on behalf of these top tier investors across Latin America’s growing Fintech space and illustrates how investors are responding positively to Belvo’s plans for expansion into new markets in 2021. The immediate focus for Belvo is launching operations into Brazil and eventually onto Argentina, Mexico and Colombia with other markets planned for later this year. With the additional investments from this round of funding coming from powerhouse venture capital investors such as Redpoint Ventures, Seaya Ventures, Spark Capital and Vilcap Investments, it’s clear that these seasoned venture capitalists have full confidence in Belvo’s product offerings. The influx of capital also signals an endorsement from leading thought leaders in the financial technology industry who see strong potential opportunities in open finance throughout Latin American markets.

Use of funds

Belvo has just Completed its Series A funding round raising $43 million from investors including Redpoint eventures, Fluxunit by Oxx, QED Investors, Congruent Ventures, Propel Ventures and Latam Founders. The funds will be used to expand across Latin America, Europe and North America.

Belvo’s Open Finance API platform provides developers easy access to financial data in a secure way. This is done through the aggregation of banking accounts and the integration of core financial services APIs.

The Series A funding round will enable Belvo to invest in its technology infrastructure while recruiting new talent to support its growth and product expansion. It will also use the funds towards increasing awareness of Belvo’s products in the wider market by providing access to new product markets in Latin America, Europe and North America, and increasing investment into sales and marketing activities as it expands into new ones geographies.

In addition, Belvo plans to launch a consumer product that can help individuals safely manage their financial future.

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Expansion of Open Finance API Platform

Belvo, a leading Open Finance API platform in Latin America, recently announced an impressive $43 million Series A funding round. This marks an important milestone for the company, enabling Belvo to accelerate its expansion across Latin America and solidify its Open Finance API industry position.

This news comes from their recent partnerships with several major banks and financial institutions, demonstrating the growing demand for their services.

Let’s take a closer look at the expansion of Belvo’s Open Finance API platform.

Expansion across Latin America

Belvo, a Latin-American headquartered Fintech company, is expanding their open finance API platform to more regional countries. This expansion range gives developers and firms access to crucial financial data, helping them create more innovative and efficient services for their clients.

The Open Finance API platform allows developers to build financial applications focused on budgeting, personal finance management, payment analysis and transaction categorization, amongst other uses. In addition, it lets companies connect multiple user accounts or data sources with the Belvo backend infrastructure quickly and easily.

The platform makes available APIs from many different types of account (bank accounts, credit cards, loyalty programs and e-wallets) from a variety of banks and institutions in the countries supported by Belvo: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia (announced in February 2021); Argentina (announced in March 2021); Uruguay (announced in April 2021) , Chile (announced May 2021). This provides businesses access to a wide range of user financial data allowing companies to build services that provide users with insights about their actual financial condition quickly.

In addition Belvo is also launching new features such as cash flow tracking across all its platforms. These features are designed to help companies gain insight into spending patterns by tracking expenditures from bank account balances over time. With this feature businesses will be able to track key performance indicators with greater accuracy including: average monthly expenses; top spending categories; business performance across locations; historical trends around spending behavior; correlation between life events & spending behavior on each category within a given period.

Belvo’s open finance APIs are designed for an ever-growing array of customers – ranging from startups or SMBs looking for additional tech capabilities or data insights via alternative sources – to larger organizations or enterprises seeking comprehensive banking infrastructure solutions and real-time data ingestion tools into their existing systems and architectures. The platform brings together all the different side conversations occurring simultaneously between fintechs & legacy legacy banks/institutions – enabling transactions & improvements that better serve customers today & in the future – while ensuring privacy is maintained at each step through secure protocols & authentication protocols around data security / GDPR law requirements.

Benefits of Open Finance API platform

Open finance API is helping companies to focus on creating better customer experiences by providing easy access to financial services. Open finance APIs have clear advantages. They offer a secure and well-structured way of accessing data in real-time to build a customized customer experience or facilitate collaborations across industries.

The Open Finance API platform offers the following benefits:

-Secure access to data: APIs provide a secure way of accessing data which helps companies develop innovative services and processes while keeping their customers’ data safe. It ensures that only authorized entities can access private financial information.

-Real-time insights: Using open financial APIs, companies can gain access to real-time data that can help them make informed decisions. This helps them stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their chosen industry and develop creative strategies for growth.

-Integration with other services: The open financial API platform allows businesses to integrate with other software applications and websites to expand their range of services and offerings. This simplifies integrating products and services into existing systems, speeding up innovation cycles dramatically.

-Enhanced customer experience: Open finance APIs allow companies to quickly develop custom solutions that provide more tailor-made experiences for their customers, offering a streamlined onboarding or payment processing process. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and driving loyalty among existing customers.


Belvo’s Open Finance API platform has been a great success, with its recent $43 mn Series A financing, allowing the company to accelerate its expansion across Latin America. This will greatly benefit users who need access to innovative financial services, with the company aiming to provide a secure and user-friendly platform for both businesses and individuals.

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