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Belvo’s API for Financial Services: Advantages and Benefits

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Belvo is a financial API platform that makes accessing the data you need from banks and other financial service providers easy. With Belvo, you can develop differentiated products and services quickly and securely, tracking payments, managing assets and more. Belvo’s API provides many advantages that help organizations develop their businesses in the financial services industry.

Belvo’s API for Financial Services helps organizations bring their offerings to market quicker as application development does not require complex integration processes related to banking connectivity. Traditional solutions require organizations to connect with hundreds of distinct legacy connectivity protocols normally provided by financial service organizations requiring different adapters per bank or organization. These costly solutions constrain innovation because their complexity takes long time for development with all the related issues including ramp-up, support, maintenance and technological obsolescence.

Belvo’s API aims at solving this challenge by helping companies Aggregate data from thousands of sources quickly with a single integration — overcoming connectivity obstacles like institutions using different APIs or technologies, extracting data from 3rd-party sources using screen scraping techniques or enriching existing solutions through open banking solutions or regulatory APIs such as PSD2 in Europe.

Organizations can now build powerful digital products faster with just one line of code as integrations usually take a few days instead of months and provide full freedom when it comes to UI/UX design and UX customization creating products that match users’ needs better than ever before without relying on traditional product management methodology. On top of that businesses can have peace of mind by using best-in-class security measures during data extraction processes while ensuring customer privacy suites are fulfilled under applicable laws like GDPR globally protected regulations.

Finally leveraging Belvos Data Analytics capabilities customers can improve their decision making process based on insights derived from realtime Economic reports generated for each user every month including information about flows, deposits, incoming and outgoing payments plus ATM visits providing higher accuracy compared to traditional forecasting methods (e.g limited periodic reporting).

Overview of Belvo

Belvo is a fintech company that provides its customers with an API for financial services. Founded in 2019 and backed by Founders Fund and Kaszek, Belvo has raised $10M to scale its API for financial services.

This section will provide an overview of Belvo and the advantages and benefits of their API for financial services.

What is Belvo?

Belvo is an API (Application Programming Interface) that helps financial services companies to integrate their solutions. With Belvo, businesses can access various financial services, including payments, authentication and credit scoring processes.

Belvo offers an easy-to-use platform for connecting applications and data sources within a business’s digital landscape – making accessing their financial product or service offerings easier with fewer risks and costs.

Belvo provides an open API platform with built-in safety measures such as authentication, data backup, and encryption. By using Belvo’s API platform, businesses can streamline the integration of third-party applications and reduce the need for repeated technical consulting or coding by over 50%. Further features offered by Belvo include high scalability with no limit to the number of transactions it can handle, complete insights into user activities such as credits or payments made through different connections, and detailed reports on customer behavior.

An advantage of using Belvo is its high degree of customization so that each financial service company has full control over how they want to present their products or services to customers. In addition, this makes it easier for customers to trust the security measures offered by Belvo since they have access to their private data at all times. Overall, using the Belvo API can help a business make significant cost savings while also improving customer experience.

What services does Belvo provide?

Belvo is an open-banking API platform that provides access to financial data for institutions and financial service providers. Belvo provides the technology, services, and support necessary for financial institutions to connect easily with their customers and deliver the best customer experiences.

belvo’s core service suite provides access to consolidated bank accounts, instant deposits, and payments across different cultural markets. Additionally, Belvo can integrate with existing customer insights solutions such as Know Your Customer (KYC) applications or insurance document verification tools. This enables the creation of a single integrated solution that can be tailored for specific countries or regions.

The core services offered by Belvo enable a wide range of effects for financial institutions including faster onboarding for customers; easier access to reliable data from a single source; improved compliance with regulatory authorities; and increased efficiency from automated processes. Ultimately, this allows financial institutions to reduce operation costs while improving customer experience. In addition, with Belvo’s support team available around the clock to assist with technical inquiries or support requests, users can quickly maximize the benefits offered by belvo’s technology stack.

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Belvo scores $10M from Founders Fund and Kaszek to scale its API for financial services

Belvo has recently secured a $10M round from Founders Fund and Kaszek to help them scale their API for financial services. This new funding will enable Belvo to expand their API’s reach and strengthen their financial services tools.

In this article, let’s look at the advantages Belvo’s API provides for financial services.

Improved Data Security

Belvo’s API for financial services offers robust data protection that helps you protect confidential customer information. Bank-grade security standards such as PCI-DSS, TLS 1.2, and strong customer authentication are in place to ensure secure data-in-transit and storage. In addition, all data stored with Belvo is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a widely accepted mechanism by the most important global security organizations.

In addition, Belvo provides a dedicated Security Team that focuses on continuously monitoring, detecting, investigating and responding to all potential risks or breaches related to security.

Belvo’s API also offers additional advantages in terms of improved data privacy. For example, client information is restricted from excess access and handling, and new layers of identity protection are added through client consent management features like site fingerprinting. The platform also includes KYC mechanisms such as AML systems with Smart Verification functionalities for authentication based on multiple sources leading to the prevention of unauthorized access and fraud attempts at any step throughout the process associated with customers’ accounts. In addition, all customer data follows GDPR to ensure compliance with the highest privacy law standards worldwide.

Increased Transparency

API-based data integration increases transparency in the entire financial services industry. It provides secure user authentication while allowing access to multiple endpoints with one request, allowing comprehensive and controlled access to accounts. Additionally, auditing features keep transactions safe and secure, while tax-compliant countries can track every transaction through APIs and manage customer data centrally.

Further advantages of API integration include improved security since all transactions will happen through a single access point, making it easier to identify malicious activities. This helps protect organizations from fraud, cyber-attacks and newer threats like cryptojacking attempts by hackers trying to gain access to financial resources with the help of botnets and malicious software. This also helps audits become more efficient due to centralized user access logs, improved insights into customer behaviors due to API analytics running in the background, automated compliance updates for organizations that assure users that data is being handled securely, increased reliability of operations resulting in higher trust from customers towards companies using API technology.

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Reduced Costs

Using Belvo’s API for financial services can help reduce costs significantly. It allows businesses to connect with financial institutions, leveraging powerful open banking technology. This removes the need for companies to pay for expensive or complicated third-party providers and custom integrations.

In addition, the API offers a range of features that enable businesses to automate processes quickly and efficiently. For example, companies can configure automatic transfers between bank accounts, make payments in bulk, monitor transactions in real-time, and access real-time account balances. By automating manual processes businesses can free up their staff’s time, vastly improving efficiency and reducing operational costs related to manual labor.

Moreover, Belvo’s API supports a wide range of payment protocols and security standards so businesses can be sure their financial data is always protected. So there’s no need for additional security solutions or protocols which would further increase operational expenses.

Belvo’s API helps businesses make the most of their resources by streamlining operations and reducing overall costs associated with financial services management.

Benefits of Belvo’s API for Financial Services

Belvo has recently announced it has secured $10M in funding from Founders Fund and Kaszek to scale its API for financial services.

Belvo’s API offers various services and products to simplify the financial process and data management. It is well-known for its user-friendly interface, secure integration, and analytic features.

This article will discuss the benefits of Belvo’s API for financial services.

Improved Efficiency

By using Belvo’s API for financial services, you can unleash a new efficiency level for your operations. By integrating your systems with Belvo, you can access a multitude of data from multiple banks and institutions through one platform. This saves you time and money as there is no need to search each bank website individually or spend time dealing with any issues due to different APIs in use. As a result, your company can increase the speed of transactions while reducing manual effort.

Additionally, using Belvo allows you to automate or streamline some processes otherwise done manually or onboard several accounts with just one integration without needing additional resources or changes in infrastructure. Overall, Belvo’s API helps improve the efficiency of your finance operations by making it easier and faster for you to access key financial data securely across multiple bank accounts without having to deal with IT infrastructure limitations in an agile way.

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Greater Customer Satisfaction

With Belvo’s API for financial services, your organization can provide greater customer satisfaction by facilitating better customer engagement, increasing efficiency and developing new products. Belvo allows your organization to access information from financial institutions, streamline processes and build customer profiles quickly and securely. This helps you create tailored services and products that address customers’ specific needs.

Belvo also provides comprehensive data analysis tools that help uncover improvement opportunities, benchmarking performance against competitors and making data-driven decisions that improve customer experience. As a result, organizations can provide personalized services with greater accuracy and faster response times through increased insights. Additionally, these rich customer profiles allow you to develop a more meaningful understanding of customers to further build relationships with them.

This all contributes towards greater consumer satisfaction, which improves user experience and drives loyalty with your brand. Improved consumer satisfaction can also increase profitability as customers are more likely to purchase additional products or services that they may need or want due to improved trust in the organizations they are dealing with.

Enhanced Data Insights

Belvo’s API for financial services offers enhanced data insights that can help businesses uncover hidden opportunities and keep track of customers’ overall financial health. By accessing bank data, businesses can better understand their customer’s banking behavior, including spending patterns and total savings. This information can be used to create customized solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs, such as personalized advice, investment recommendations, and tailored loan options.

Moreover, with Belvo’s API for financial services, businesses can aggregate and individualized data on each of their customers’ portfolios, giving them powerful insights into each customer’s overall financial position. Access to this detailed information enables businesses to offer additional services like risk analysis and debt management solutions based on fact-based data.

In addition to providing greater transparency into customers’ portfolio information, through the use of Belvo’s APIs, businesses can quickly identify potential fraud or discrepancies between transactions before they amount to any losses. The enhanced security measures make preventing fraudulent transactions or misappropriation of company funds easier before it is too late. Furthermore, gaining access to a real-time view of customers’ banking activity and leveraging predictive analytics solutions developed specifically for FinTech companies makes it easier for organizations across diverse sectors like banks, insurance companies and accounting firms to gain deep insight into the overall economic trends in their area of operations.


In conclusion, Belvo’s API for financial services is an excellent option for businesses in the finance and fintech sector that want to modernize their services and add more competitive features to their offerings. The ability to extract banking information and quickly and easily integrate in a connected and secure environment makes Belvo’s offering one of the most attractive options in the market.

Furthermore, Belvo’s high reliability standards result in fewer headaches related to data security and compliance, allowing users to focus on growing their business instead.

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