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What are Tiger Global’s other edtech investments?

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Are you curious to know more about Tiger Global’s investments in tech? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article will give you an insight into further investments made by Tiger Global and how they are helping to shape the future of education.

With GoGuardian’s $200 million investment, get ready to explore what the next big thing in tech is!

Tiger Global is an American venture capital firm founded in 2001 by Chase Coleman and with offices in New York, Menlo Park, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Bangalore. The firm invests heavily in consumer internet, software services, technology, and e-commerce companies. In recent years, Tiger Global has made some big bets in the tech market, including GoGuardian, which received a $200M investment led by the firm. This article outlines Tiger Global’s other notable assets in tech companies and sheds light on the potential benefits of investing in tech.

Table of Contents:

1) Overview of Tiger Global

2) Notable EdTech Investments Made by Tiger Global

3) Benefits To Investing In EdTech

4) Conclusion

Overview of Tiger Global

Tiger Global Management is an American hedge fund and private equity firm headquartered in New York City. Founded in 2001, the firm employs a multi-strategy investment style that includes private and public investments across multiple asset classes, such as venture capital and growth equity. In addition, tiger Global focuses on investments related to technology and the internet sectors. The hedge fund specializes in investments in China, India, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the United States, with over $30 billion under management.

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Tiger Global has seen considerable success as an early investor in technology firms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, and Chinese e-commerce giant JD Corporation, which have both gone public on stock exchanges worldwide.

Recently, Tiger Global led a $200 million investment into ed-tech startup GoGuardian, the largest single VC round of any tech company. Aside from this recent investment into GoGuardian, Tiger Global has also made numerous other investments into the education sector, including Coursera (MOOC platform), Stone & Chalk (fintech accelerator for SMEs), Toppr (online learning platform) and Whizkidz (AI-powered educational platform).

Overview of GoGuardian

GoGuardian is an American educational technology company founded in 2014 that provides internet safety, digital learning, and analytics software solutions to K-12 schools. The company monitors students’ online activities, provides age-appropriate content filtering, and promotes positive online behavior. The company’s flagship product is GoGuardian Teacher, a Chromebook classroom management system designed to help educators manage student interaction with digital resources. GoGuardian also provides web monitoring and other features to create safe learning environments for children of all ages.

Along with its direct investments in GoGuardian (the latest was a $200 million Series D financing), Tiger Global Management has also made several strategic investments in the tech space. These include investments in DreamBox Learning (an adaptive math learning platform for K-8 schools), Nearpod (a personalized learning platform focusing on bringing mobile interactive experiences into classrooms), Whittle School & Studios (an accelerated education platform for primary students grades 4-9) & Epic! (a library experience portal for readers of all ages). In addition, tiger Global has also invested in Edsurge (an ed-tech information provider dedicated to connecting people with the right tools and resources) and Luna Learning Solutions (a professional development solution designed to help boost instructional capabilities).

Details of Recent Investment

In addition to its recent $200 million investment in GoGuardian, Tiger Global made several other investments in educational technology (ed-tech) companies in the past year. These include:

-A $120 million round for LANDR audio mastering company

-A $75 million Series D funding for EdTech startup Civitas Learning

-An investment of up to $63 million in school management software provider PowerSchool

-A participation of up to $50 million for TutorMe’s Series C financing

-An investment of $4 million into Edcues, an AI-enabled tutoring platform.

Impact of Investment on EdTech

Through this investment, Tiger Global is boosting the prospects of GoGuardian and demonstrating its commitment to education technology. While GoGuardian has seen a surge in demand due to the shift to remote learning during the pandemic, it is still one of many tech companies in which investors have shown an interest.

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Tiger Global has been involved in increasing tech investments over the past few years. In 2020 alone, the venture capital firm funded several tech companies, including Live Worksheets Time Tables, Affinity Solutions, Yup Technologies, and Unacademy. Each company brings different innovative solutions to educational technology challenges, thus creating a diverse portfolio of investments.

This investment is yet another example of Tiger Global’s commitment to creating opportunities in tech and helping educators better serve their students. As more investors continue to recognize the potential of education technology and provide financial support for innovators in this field, we can expect more creative solutions will be brought forth in 2021 and beyond. This could transform educational systems around the world and benefit student learning worldwide.

Tiger Global Plows $200 Million Into EdTech Firm GoGuardian

In addition to their recent $200 million investment in GoGuardian, the venture capital firm Tiger Global has made numerous investments in the EdTech space.

Some of the most notable investments over the past few years include:

  • ClassDojo, a communication platform used by teachers and parents, raised a Series B for $21M in 2016.
  • Byju’s, India’s largest education technology and online tutoring platform, received a large investment as part of a Series C round of funding worth $540 million USD in March 2018.
  • Unacademy, an Indian company which offers video lessons on competitive exams such asJEE and GATE exams, raised approximately $50 million USD as part of a Series E round of funding in May 2019.
  • NU Initiative (formerly GuruQ), an Indian start up that provides automated query resolution services for students raised close to $9 million USD with its Series A round in December 2019.
  • CommonLit, an American literacy platform which provides high quality reading materials to its users was granted an additional $4M for its Series A funding round in April 2020.


Tiger Global Management is a New York City-based investment firm founded by Chase Coleman and Feroz Dewan. Tiger Global invests in private and public companies, venture capital deals and hedge funds. Its portfolio includes companies across a variety of sectors such as e-commerce, digital media, enterprise software and cloud computing.

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Recently, Tiger Global led a $200 million investment in GoGuardian, an edtech company that focuses on improving student outcomes with innovative technology solutions. This brings their total investments in the EdTech sector to over $500 million since 2017 alone. Along with its latest venture into GoGuardian, some of Tiger Global’s other notable Edtech investments include Course Hero ($80 million), Noodle Partners ($27 million), Prodigy Education ($150 million) Gupta Media ($24 million) and Byju’s ($31 million).


In conclusion, Tiger Global has invested in a wide range of EdTech firms with the most recent being GoGuardian. GoGuardian is a leading provider of tools designed to help K-12 schools optimize their online learning experiences for students.

In addition to this, Tiger Global has invested in other edtech companies such as ClassDojo, Instructure and PowerSchool. Each of these investments showcases how Tiger Global is committed to the advancement of innovative tech solutions for the education industry.

As more and more schools are turning to online solutions for education, it is likely that we will see more investments from Tiger Global into EdTech firms in the future helping further improve and optimize online learning experiences for students around the world.

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