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V-Power Boxes Alerter

The V-Power Boxes Alerter is a device that alerts you when the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies hits a certain threshold, and also sends you an alert if the price drops below a certain value.

The v-power trading system analysis is a cryptocurrency trading bot that allows users to trade their coins on the V-Power Boxes.



This dashboard indicator with alerting capability is a fantastic aid in V-Power trading, and as you’ll see below, it may also be used for other trading methods.

You may save a lot of time with the V-Power Boxes Alerter. Within seconds, you can identify AAA+ V-Power configurations and activate the V-Power EA to trade the setup completely automatically.

The V-Power EA and AAA+ configurations are described here: Setups for V-Power EA and AAA+





The following are the advantages of using the V-Power Boxes Alerter:

  • AAA+ installations may be detected in seconds.
  • Real-time alerts/signals will be sent to you.
  • You’ll be able to view the broad picture of the market all in one spot.
  • You’ll notice a shift in trend direction very instantly.
  • You’ll be able to tell if a trend is fresh or old right away.

The default settings of the V-Power Boxes Alerter are shown in the following screenshot:




The instrument is in an upward trend on the relevant time frame (column) in green boxes, while the instrument is in a downward trend in red boxes.

The numbers in the green and red boxes indicate whether a trend is old or new. The number of V-Power boxes (which define the trend’s direction) is tallied, and the result is shown inside the colored boxes.

We’re looking for totally fresh (young) trends for our V-Power AAA+ installations. As a result, we only wish to trade instruments that have the number 1 in the D1 or W1 columns. We may schedule our entry on H1 according to the V-Power regulations after we’ve identified such AAA+ configurations (in the above image, there are four such setups).




With the assistance of the V-Power Boxes Alerter, I scored a great 2R winning trade on EURUSD today 🙂

The dashboard indicated a potential AAA+ setup on EURUSD, as seen in the accompanying picture. On the weekly time period and on H1, a first upward box was discovered:



A quick glance at the weekly chart revealed that the first upward box had been drawn (after a matured downward trend). The market may rise in the next weeks or even months.

The price has been pulling back downward for the last three weeks after the first upward box was drawn three weeks ago (first upward rise). As a result, it is an excellent time to begin a potentially massive rising trend:




The scenario on the H1 time frame is shown in the following screenshot.

On the H1 chart, you can see that the price has dropped three days. Do you recall the 3-day cycle of wise money? 🙂

We witnessed a more or less significant V reversal to the upside after the third negative day.

The first upward box on H1 has been drawn as a result of this upward movement:




The data from the time frames W1 and H1 was sufficient to convince me that we had a high probability buy setup!

I put two limit buy orders, both of which were filled within minutes:




The price skyrocketed to the upside almost immediately.

If you’re familiar with me and my trading strategy, you’ll know that I’m a day trader who likes to enter and exit on the same day.

As a result, I left the trade with a big profit after seeing this powerful upward move, which generated a 2R winner:




AAA+ setups may also be utilized to enter long-term trades that last many days or even weeks.

You may attempt to ride the impending rising trend if you are patient enough and can tolerate a lower winning percentage (but with big winners):




The V-Power Boxes Alerter may assist you in detecting such configurations on a regular basis. As soon as the first box of the new direction is created, you may get alerts through MT4, email, and push notifications. Simply click the relevant “L” or “S” button in the appropriate row/column to get notifications. For example, if you wish to be notified when the first downward box appears on EURUSD W1 (a downward trend starts), you must click the “S”-button, since EURUSD W1 is now in an upward trend.

The following screenshot shows the indicator’s setup parameters:





– The 5 V-Power regulations are not checked by the V-Power Boxes Alerter. If you get an alert, it merely indicates that a new initial box has been drawn in a different direction. The alerter will not verify whether the previous day’s high/low has been removed (1 of the 5 rules is fulfilled).

– The V-Power Boxes Alerter may be used on two or more separate charts with various symbols. Then, at the same time, scan 30+ various instruments.


The macd divergence box indicator mt4 is a tool that allows traders to create indicators for their trading strategies.

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