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The iPad Pro’s Design and Features

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Stuttgart, Germany : June, 21st 2017: The new Apple iPad Pro 10.5" WiFi + Cellular in Spacegray Color. The new iPad Pro is displaying the default iOS 10.3 Home Screen in a vertical orientation. The bezel of the iPad is black, typical for the Space Gray Color Version. The new iPad Pro 10,5" has a smaller bezel and larger displayin comparision to the older iPad Pro 9.7" from 2016. The new Apple iPad Pro 10.5" was released in June 2017.

At an event held on April 20th, 2021, Apple executives unveiled the latest 2021 iPad Pro, which showcases the Apple M1 chip and a sleek new design.

This ultralight device has features, like Thunderbolt and USB 4 connectivity, supercharged performance and improved camera capabilities, that cater to both professional and everyday users.

It’s time to dive deeper into the design features and specs of the 2021 iPad Pro, and see why it has made the tech world buzzing.

Overview of the 2021 iPad Pro

The 2021 iPad Pro is a powerful, high-end tablet with a sleek design and best-in-class features. It features an 11-inch or 12.9-inch edge to edge Liquid Retina display, up to 2TB of high-capacity storage, new M1 processor for faster overall performance, 5G cellular for ultrafast data connections and fast wireless charging.

The 2021 iPad Pro has next level pro performance with the A12Z Bionic chip that delivers up to 40 percent faster graphics performance and 50 percent more CPU power than its predecessor. This and its optional 5G enable ultrafast download speeds over cellular networks. In addition, this device packs power and performance in a package that’s only 6.4mm thin and weighs only 1 pound (1kg).

The iPad Pro is also equipped with Apple Pencil (2nd generation), allowing users to write or draw naturally on their devices like paper and ink. Additionally, it features the ultra-slim Magic Keyboard which provides a full laptop experience including a laptop-grade trackpad crafted from backlit canvas material. As a result, it offers a comfortable typing experience while maintaining its featherweight portability.

Moreover, the iPad Pro also features Apple’s latest camera systems including an Ultra Wide front camera, powerful rear facing cameras (up to 12MP) and stunning cinematic quality video recording capabilities like stabilization options and 8K quality recording at 24fps. It can also act as your primary computer due to its new USB C connectivity which allows it to connect directly to external display monitors and thumb drives for data transfer.

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The iPad Pro has a sleek design and weighs only 1.4 pounds. It measures 11 inches and is made of aluminum. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro features an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology, providing a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

Apple engineers have stunted with the M1 chip, allowing it to run faster and have better thermal management – creating headroom for a better user experience.

Let’s take a look at the design of the 2021 iPad Pro.

Physical Design

The iPad Pro features a sleek and slim physical design with rounded edges and a range of modern colors, such as Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold. In addition, the device has a large 10.5-inch Retina Display with higher pixel resolution than the iPad Air 2, allowing you to view videos and photos in greater detail. The display is also nearly laminated with the glass covering it to give you an immersive viewing experience.

Along the iPad Pro’s sides is an earpiece at the top and two buttons–the power button on one side and a volume rocker on the other. At the bottom edge of the iPad Pro is where you’ll find Apple’s Lightning port for charging and connecting accessories, as well as four speaker grilles for better sound quality than previous models of iPads offer. On one side of the iPad Pro there is also a new Smart Connector port which allows you to attach things like keyboards quickly without requiring additional adapters or cables.

Overall, it’s an attractive design made even more eye-catching by its bright colors.

Display Technology

The iPad Pro is more than just a tablet; its large screens boast LED-backlit Multi-Touch displays to bring your photos, videos and apps to life.

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch display features a Liquid Retina display technology with ProMotion, True Tone and wide color resolution, providing an immersive and accurate viewing experience.

The 11-inch iPad Pro features an edge‑to‑edge Liquid Retina display with PromoMotion technology that offers ultrafast 120Hz refresh rates for smooth and responsive visual performance.

With its outstanding resolution, the iPad Pro allows for intricate designs that are crisp and sharp, bringing your designs and works of art to life on the screen. Plus, with Apple Pencil (2nd generation) added, the iPad Pro lets you transform your sketches into detailed graphic creations.

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Apple executives on the 2021 iPad Pro, stunting with the M1 and creating headroom

Apple executives have been touting the 2021 iPad Pro as one of their most powerful devices ever, touting a revolutionary “M1” chip designed to allow the iPad Pro to deliver leading performance. This is not only a major step forward in terms of power, but Apple have also managed to create a significant amount of headroom for future upgrades.

Let’s explore the features and design that are helping the 2021 iPad Pro to stand out from the crowd.

Apple M1 Processor

Apple’s M1 chip is designed for performance. It offers an eight-core custom processor with four high-efficiency cores that consume less power and four high-performance cores for more demanding tasks. The M1 chip also has Apple’s latest neural engine, enabling it to analyze complex tasks like image processing faster than ever.

With the power of the M1, you can expect lightning fast speeds when doing everyday tasks like web browsing, streaming videos and playing games. In addition, apps will launch in a fraction of the time they would on most other laptops or tablets and you can do more with a single charge of your iPad Pro thanks to the optimized energy management built into the M1 chip.

Improved Performance

The iPad Pro has a range of impressive specifications that allow it to perform tasks better than ever. It is powered by the A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture, providing a lightning-fast processor and graphics performance while saving battery life. This helps to make multitasking and running high-performance applications much easier.

Additionally, iOS 11 automatically divides the screen into two interactive Spaces, each with its Home screen, making switching between tasks a breeze.

The iPad Pro also features an all-new Retina display, offering the highest pixel density of any iOS device to date and making it great for watching movies or playing games. It is also ultra-bright, so you can use it outdoors without squinting. The True Tone technology adjusts white balance to match ambient light and make colors look natural in any setting. Plus, there is now support for HDR video content that provides improved brightness and enhanced contrast for an even better viewing experience.

These amazing features make the iPad Pro capable of delivering a truly unique experience that will help you create content or enjoy entertainment on a whole new level — perfect for work or leisure!

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The 2021 iPad Pro has many impressive features that make it stand out. Apple executives designed the iPad Pro with the M1 chip, providing exceptional performance and power efficiency. It also has a Liquid Retina XDR display, advanced cameras, and a 5G-enabled chip for lightning-fast data speeds.

With the 2021 iPad Pro design, Apple executives have created headroom for future advancements. So let’s dive into the features of the iPad Pro and see what makes it so special.

Improved Cameras

The iPad Pro has integrated cameras that are significantly better than previous models. On the front, you find a 7MP HDR-capable camera. The rear camera is 12MP with ultra-wide and f/2.2 lenses, 4K video capability and advanced features such as Night Mode, Smart HDR 3 and QuickTake videos.

Users can use better photography opportunities, with more options and settings to create stunning photo effects. The updated cameras are great for taking pictures or video for work or leisure activities. Higher resolution and improved frames rates translate into sharper videos with smoother transitions from scene to scene.

All this can be done in an easily portable iPad package perfect for capturing life’s important moments on the go!

New Accessories

The new iPad Pro has several advanced features that make it stand out. It includes a new detachable keyboard, an advanced wireless mouse called the Smart Connector, and a stylus known as the Apple Pencil, allowing users to draw naturally and make precise selections on the screen. In addition to these features, a wide selection of accessories are designed specifically for the iPad Pro.

The Smart Keyboard comprises fabric-covered keys that provide a comfortable typing experience, with several shortcut keys for easy access to commonly used functions. It also connects magnetically to the iPad Pro so you can easily detach it when unused. In addition, the Smart Connector replaces USB ports with a three-pin magnetic connector that allows you to attach accessories without plugging them into your device. This lets you attach peripherals like keyboards without fumbling with cables and complicated ports.

The Apple Pencil is an optional accessory for the iPad Pro and provides enhanced precision for drawing or writing directly onto the screen’s surface using pressure sensing technology. With its streamlined design and integrated charging capability, you can use it just like any other pen or pencil – except with unparalleled precision!

Finally, other specialized accessories are available such as cases, stands, mounts, adapters, protective film and more to ensure total compatibility with the iPad pro’s various features. These additional tools allow you to get more out of your tablet – whether at home or on-the-go!


The 2021 iPad Pro is a powerful device built for professionals. Apple executives have aimed to provide increased productivity and applications specifically for users’ needs with this device. With the new M1 chip and its integrated system, the iPad Pro has pushed the boundaries of its capabilities and performance, creating headroom for further development.

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