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Strategic Planning of a Lottery Business Launch

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The possibilities of the iGaming sphere for entrepreneurs are extremely diverse. It is manageable to launch different types of projects and make a profit on their popularity throughout the target audience.

The sweepstakes business is among the most commonly chosen ideas in the modern gambling environment. Entrepreneurs pick it because it is quick to establish, simple to keep up, and profitable to support.

Experts from 2WinPower introduce a detailed guide on the elaboration of a lottery platform and its key elements.

Preparation of the Environment — Developing a Site and an App

The creation of a sweepstakes project begins with the planning and configuration of platforms for the convenience of future clients. A site is obligatory in this case since a lot of punters find out about gambling possibilities while surfing the Web.

A mobile app is a helpful addition since a huge number of players enjoy accessing lottery entertainment from their phones.

A platform setup should correspond to the peculiarities of the operational region. It means that an analysis of an audience is required to ensure that visual embellishment and structural integrity are suitable for the targeted area.

Providing Interaction Opportunities — Obtaining Software

The programming support for a sweepstakes portal is based on the same principle as a regular casino. A random number generator lies at the core of all outcomes to ensure an unpredictable nature of the process.

Different lotteries have distinct winning percentages, but considering the software was obtained from a reliable provider, the gameplay can not be rigged. Most renowned suppliers of sweepstakes products:

  • NYX Gaming Group;
  • Pragmatic Play;
  • Merkur Gaming;
  • Gaminator;
  • IGT;
  • 1Click Games;
  • Relax Gaming.

Participants can recognize the reliability of entertainment just by the label of the product brand. So, resorting to these providers will be a beneficial idea.

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Authorizing the Business — Applying and Receiving the License

The regulative measures regarding sweepstakes venues on the Web are different from traditional casinos. The majority of jurisdictions separate licenses for slot-based sites and lottery portals.

Typically, the last ones are more favorable in terms of price and provisional conditions. Numerous gaming commissions offer registration services for such projects:

  • Curacao;
  • Alderney;
  • Kahnawake;
  • Gibraltar;
  • the Island of Man;
  • Antigua and Barbuda;
  • Malta.

The selection of jurisdiction must correspond to the area of operation and price of services depending on the manager’s budget.

Making Entertainment Safe — Installing Protective Measures

Lottery sites, just like other gambling platforms, deal with users’ personal information and financial assets. Protecting them is a manager’s task number one. Good to know that the modern gaming sphere has a lot of opportunities to do this.

Sweepstakes projects offer reliable entertainment thanks to:

  1. SSL encryption. A standard safety protocol for ciphering transferring data has a size of 256 bits. This is enough to prevent the majority of penetration attempts from dishonest individuals.
  1. Firewall systems. This is another crucial aspect that filters away poor and harmful connections. A firewall works like a sieving system that does not allow suspicious links and terminates bad sessions.
  1. Casino management system. A CRM platform helps improve user experience as well as find dishonest players who abuse the portal. Its primary task is to analyze the behavior to provide information for managers that can improve weak spots.
  1. Anti-money-laundering system. Another huge problem on gambling sites is criminal activity connected with illegally obtained money. The programming support analyses every transaction and tries to figure out whether it is alerting or not.

Thanks to the combination of these security measures, sweepstakes platforms become safe and reliable destinations for punters to enjoy their beloved entertainment.

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Offering Transaction Convenience — Integrating Payment Gateways

Depositing and withdrawals are two main functions of a gaming site. The possibility of quick and safe replenishing usually makes the difference between a mediocre and a trusted portal. A player must have a choice to deposit and withdraw through the most convenient methods in the area.

Traditionally, bank transfers have the highest level of popularity, but they also impose substantial commissions. E-wallets are less expendable, but the time necessary to process the payment can take several days.

Cryptocurrency has no commissions, and all transfers are almost instant, but the number of punters having a stable income of digital funds is low.

Popularizing the Brand — Advertising the Lottery Business

The final step toward a money-making sweepstakes platform is the promotion of the portal. Online advertising can be extremely versatile, but it is worth remembering the legality of the popularization methods.

The gambling industry uses the following promotional possibilities:

  • social media marketing;
  • search engine optimization;
  • online media buying;
  • content marketing;
  • affiliate partnership.

A decent advertising campaign includes all these means, providing they are legally available in the destination and correctly set up.

Professional Assistance in the Lottery Portal Elaboration

Individual creation of such a project can take a lot of time and extra resources. To simplify and speed up a sweepstakes platform launch, an operator can resort to the aggregator 2WinPower.

The company is a renowned gambling service supplier, offering turnkey solutions for multiple projects. More information on cooperation can be retrieved through: