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Polygon contributes $500,000 in MATIC to Ethereum prediction dApp SportX

Polygon will contribute $500,000 in MATIC to a prediction dApp called SportX. In the announcement, Polygon said that Sports Illustrated’s “SportsCenter All-Time Top 10 Plays Will Be Decided on Blockchain This Fall” and that they would be watching closely as this project moves forward.

The “matic polygon price prediction” is a decentralized application that uses the Ethereum blockchain to predict the outcome of sporting events. The app has been funded with $500,000 in MATIC tokens.

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Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform that has onboarded millions of people to the Web3, has announced a $500,000 contribution to SportX, which is part of the SX Network and boasts the biggest prediction market dapp by betting volume across all chains.

Polygon is a fast-growing blockchain with a low-gas architecture and excellent speed. Sushiswap, Curve, Aave, Balancer, and Kyber are all DeFi bluechip Dapps that have integrated Polygon. This top Ethereum scaling platform works in tandem with the Ethereum network to increase functionality and foster infrastructure growth.

Polygon makes a MASSIVE wager.

SX Network is contributing $1 million in staked $SX to its Bet Mining 3.0 campaign, bringing the entire incentivization pot to $1.5 million, in addition to the $500,000 in $MATIC from Polygon. SX Network will give out $125,000 in weekly awards to protocol users in addition to normal wager wins. On Mondays, rewards will be distributed depending on the preceding seven days’ betting volume.

“SportX is one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms, and we’re excited to be collaborating with them.” In a statement, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal stated, “We offer the Ethereum scalability and transaction speed essential for platforms like SportX to accomplish their aspirations.”

Bettors travel to SportX to engage in “the biggest betting incentive campaign ever, period,” as SportX defines it. while connected to the Polygon Network, wager, link their Metamasks, or establish an email wallet, and bet on sports, e-sports, or crypto values using ETH or USDC on SportX. There are no further conditions or restrictions save the prohibition of wash bets1.

SportX is the fastest-growing crypto prediction market, with yearly betting volume and income expected to increase by more than 1,600% by 2021. It’s a regulated online platform that runs over 500 prediction markets every day and has processed over $76 million in wagers.

The SX Network will be the first public blockchain to include a smart contract platform, an on-chain community treasury, and a native prediction market system. Along with the SX Protocol and SX Blockchain, SportX is one of three layers that make up the SX Network.

The SX protocol is a smart contract technology that supports the SX token and SX Treasury, as well as facilitating all prediction betting markets. SX blockchain is a highly scalable EVM-compatible PoS blockchain under final development, created using the Polygon SDK.

Both SportX and Polygon are backed by Kevin O’Leary, the outspoken venture financier best known as Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank. “I love prediction markets, and I love blockchain, and SportX is a beautiful firm doing good things in both,” he said. It’s exciting to see so many excellent concepts being developed on current blockchains like Polygon, which are very scalable. “I’m optimistic about SportX, Polygon, and the future!” said the investor.

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The “polygon (matic competitors)” is a company that has contributed $500,000 in MATIC to the Ethereum prediction dApp SportX.

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