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How can Substratum coin impact the internet?

With the rise of cryptocurrency, there is a new frontier for internet privacy. Substratum coin (SUB) promises to help users browse the web without third-party interference and provides an innovative platform for developers to build decentralized apps on top of.

The what happened to substratum is a question that many people have been asking. There are a few different theories, but no one knows for sure what has happened.

Substratum is creating a new decentralized internet, much to PiedPiper in the popular TV program Silicon Valley. The key issue is how large of an effect Substratum might have on the internet.

What Is Substratum Problem Solving?

The goal of the Substratum project is to establish a free and equitable internet. What is it about the present internet that is unjust? Some argue that the Chinese government is being unjust in restricting citizens’ access to internet information. The Chinese government’s Great Firewall has been widely documented, and whatever the government considers improper is banned from Chinese citizens’ view. As a consequence, the government has influence over the material that its people see, which may have a big impact on how a population thinks. It all relies on whether you believe in the freedom of information and ideas, or if you think you have the right to consume material critical of politicians or political parties.

The Total Crypto Team believes in a free and fair society where people may freely express their ideas and opinions. This is why we support initiatives like Substratum so enthusiastically. You may believe that being in the West gives you unrestricted access to internet information. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Even if you live in the United States, you have had your internet freedom taken away. When the Federal Communications Commission repealed Net Neutrality regulations on December 14, 2017, this occurred. By making it unlawful for internet service providers to block websites or throttle internet speeds, these laws safeguarded US residents. The lesson here is that even in the West, internet freedom is under danger. Substratum provides internet users with a means to circumvent government censorship and protect our freedom to access unfiltered information.

What Is Substratum’s Role In Disrupting The Centralized Internet?

The reality is that the internet nowadays is very centralized. How many of you use Google or Facebook as a search engine? We’re guessing you’re in the 99 percentile. Heavy centralization has disadvantages, such as Cambridge Analytica’s extensive data harvesting of Facebook users. The frightening aspect of this kind of centralization is that it empowers data tycoons like Facebook to influence the result of ostensibly free and fair democratic elections. As a result, today’s centralized internet is eroding democratic ideals and creating an atmosphere in which elites may purchase the results they want. With this in mind, using a solution like Substratum to reverse the existing internet’s centralization is definitely a smart idea.

The hosting of websites is likewise highly centralized. Have you ever seen the banks of servers in a single company’s warehouse? Hosting firms are now in a position of enormous influence, which may be exploited. Substratum allows regular individuals to become hosting providers by allocating a portion of their computer’s resources to this purpose in exchange for bitcoin. Businesses gain from Substratum because they can host websites for less money than they can with existing suppliers. In fact, Substratum has the potential to eliminate the need for hosting firms in the future and fully decentralize website hosting.

Cryptocurrency: The Internet’s Money

The majority of people would agree that we live in the digital era. It would make sense, logically, for our money to be digital as well. In March 2018, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “The globe will eventually have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency.” Personally, I think it will be bitcoin.”

The fundamental issue for Jack Dorsey is what he means by the term “internet.” Currently, the issue with cryptocurrencies is merchant adoption. It is impossible for crypto to become the internet’s single currency unless internet users can spend their bitcoin on e-commerce websites.

CryptoPay is a product that Substratum is developing. Substratum users may use this online wallet to transfer and store Substratum coin as well as traditional currencies like USD. On the business side, websites will be able to take bitcoin or traditional currency payments through CryptoPay. The fact that Substratum coin will be utilized as the conversion currency is intriguing. If a user has EUR to pay and the website only takes USD, the transaction will go like this: EUR > Substratum coin > USD.

If Substratum takes off and becomes the most popular method for people to access the internet, it’s not unreasonable to expect CryptoPay to become widely utilized. If this scenario comes to occur, Jack Dorsey’s prediction that the internet will become a single currency will be accurate. He got it incorrect when he said it will be Bitcoin. Instead, broad CryptoPay acceptance would make Substratum currency the internet’s money.

Substratum Has The Potential To Expose Humanity’s Dark Side

In principle, a free internet connection sounds great. In reality, it’s self-evident that individuals shouldn’t be allowed to do anything they want on the internet. Most people believe that using the internet to sell human slaves is unethical. There are limits to freedom, and some restriction is necessary. Substratum wants their future decentralized internet to be autonomous. It’s unclear how they plan to do this, but it’s probable that they’ll use a vote mechanism to filter objectionable material.

Perhaps when individuals are anonymous on the internet, they would refuse to block material that they would publicly proclaim to be immoral? Substratum does provide the evil half of mankind a chance to emerge under the guise of anonymity. Perhaps people aren’t as ‘civilized’ as we believe, and the new internet will be utilized in ways it wasn’t designed for.

When it comes to technology, keep in mind that it is people who are the problem, not the technology. Censorship should not be a problem in this new free and fair internet if the majority of people are sensible.

Are you excited to see how Substratum will affect the internet?

Substratum is, without a doubt, a very creative concept. Perhaps you’d like to invest in the Substratum cryptocurrency? After all, it might become the internet’s sole currency one day. Don’t know where to get Substratum? Our step-by-step guide will teach you how to purchase Bitcoin using Coinbase and Binance.


Substratum is a fascinating idea that addresses a genuine issue. Is it, however, a technical dead end? Or will it permanently alter our perceptions of the internet? Only time will tell, but Substratum is an intriguing cryptocurrency project to watch that has the potential to change the world.


DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

The substratum price prediction is a question about how can Substratum coin impact the internet?

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Is substratum coin a good investment?

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What do you do with a substratum?

A substratum is a layer of material that sits above the ground and under the surface. Its often used as a base for paving, sidewalks, or roofs.

What is substratum Crypto?

Substratum is a decentralized network that provides internet services and content.

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