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GoGuardian’s History and Success in the EdTech Industry

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Are you looking for an EdTech solution that has a proven track record? GoGuardian’s history and success story showcases how far the company has come.

With their recent strategic investment from Tiger Global Management totaling $200 million, learn more about how GoGuardian is revolutionizing K-12 education today. Then, get inspired by their success!

GoGuardian is a leading K-12 EdTech Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, helping schools create safer and more engaging learning environments. GoGuardian has played an integral role in creating aware and tech-enabled classrooms worldwide, personalizing learning paths and keeping students safe. At the same time, they learn in an ever-changing digital environment.

In 2021, GoGuardian announced a $200 million strategic investment from Tiger Global Management LLC, a New York City–based multinational investment firm. This strategic investment shows that GoGuardian has succeeded in making a major impact on the EdTech industry since its founding 10 years ago.

Throughout its history, GoGuardian has achieved great success by providing innovative tools to teachers and administrators that help them achieve their goals in the challenging realm of modern EdTech. Although this journey was not always easy and faced various obstacles ranging from classroom accessibility constraints to budgetary limitations, each challenge was handled gracefully by GoGuardian’s ultimate goal and dedication to expand access to unique tools essential for success in today’s tech-centric educational climate.

GoGuardian’s History

GoGuardian is a leading K-12 EdTech SaaS provider with a mission to create safer and smarter learning experiences in schools. Founded by Alina Selyukh, Quinten Shaw, and Adam Bellow in 2014, the company originally launched its flagship product, GoGuardian Teacher (formerly GoGuardian Monitor), to provide teachers with visibility into their student’s digital activities while providing administrators with the resources they need to save time on monitoring tasks.

goguardian us 200m tiger 1b bergenbloomberg

Today, GoGuardian has over 10 million users and counts some of the largest school districts in the US as customers. In 2018, GoGuardian acquired Lightspeed Systems’ Web Filter division, growing its presence and capabilities across 26 major countries worldwide. Through 2019 and 2020, GoGuardian expanded its product portfolio further via acquisitions including other edtech SaaS providers such as CohortIQ (formerly SecondMnt).

In a recent announcement from April 2021, Tiger Global Management has invested $205 million in equity capital into GoGuardian—the largest investment ever made into an education technology company. This new capital brings GoGuradian to $450 million in venture funding since its founding. The strategic partnership will help accelerate both companies’ commitments to building safer online learning environments for students globally.

GoGuardian’s Impact in the EdTech Industry

GoGuardian’s impact in the EdTech industry since its inception over 6 years ago has been remarkable. Starting as a service provider in the K-12 education technology sector, GoGuardian quickly established itself as one of the foremost EdTech leaders by providing visibility and control to districts and administrators.

GoGuardian initially focused on filtering, which was important in managing compliance risks around unacceptable content while keeping classrooms safe and secure. It soon expanded into alerts and analytics applications to better equip schools to monitor their networks, identify potential issues, create custom policies, track student behavior trends and personalize interventions for individual students. To further their commitment to data-driven decision making, they have refined existing products and added new ones such as Digital Citizenship Toolkit to teach essential digital safety skills. These comprehensive packages continuing to build on its expertise in AI, data science and cutting edge security protocols have made them a powerful player in the field today.

Ultimately, GoGuardian is focused on modernizing educational technology infrastructure by significantly streamlining implementations with its cloud solutions. Through its innovative approach and commitment to partnership with analyzers (both technical experts and educators), it has enabled hundreds of districts worldwide to maximize their technological infrastructure while helping millions of students access productive technology resources tailored towards their success. Furthermore, with $200 million investment from Tiger Global Management this spring, we will likely see even more solutions enhance our current offerings into even expanding subsections of edtech that would surely help make an already powerful industry even more competitive by giving educators better suited tools for students’ learning goals – making it easier than ever before for students worldwide reach their maximum potentials!

GoGuardian—K-12 EdTech SaaS Leader—Announces $200 Million Strategic Investment From Tiger Global Management

GoGuardian is a leader in the K-12 EdTech industry, offering a suite of products and services designed to support students, teachers, and schools. Their main mission is to help educators create a safe, secure learning environment while unlocking powerful insights into student engagement and success. GoGuardian offers three key solutions: GoGuardian Admin – an advanced web filtering solution; GoGuardian Teacher – an AI-powered classroom management solution; and GoGuardian Beacon – a mental health acceleration tool for K-12 schools.

GoGuardian Admin is an advanced web filtering solution that helps protect students from cyber threats by scanning websites for safety and security risks. With granular filtering capabilities such as malicious content blocking, inappropriate website block lists, and custom-tailored policies (created individually for each user or school) admins can control the level of online safety at their school or district level.

GoGuardian Teacher is an AI-powered classroom management tool designed to help teachers monitor student activity during online learning sessions. With real-time activity reports, automated notifications for suspicious behavior (such as attempts at accessing inappropriate websites), and full video record/playback controls available through the teacher dashboard interface, teachers can easily keep track of student progress in class while ensuring they stay on task.

Finally, GoGuardian Beacon is a mental health acceleration tool designed to identify potential issues before they become problematic by using AI technology to analyze streaming conversations between students/teachers/mentors to detect signs of distress or negative behaviors early on—providing teams with actionable insights to help address any potential issues before they become serious problems. Combined with its reporting dashboard that provides real time updates about student activity and monitoring tools that allow administrators/teachers/mentors to view video sessions with individual students (to offer personalized assistance), this solution enables schools addressing students’ mental health needs with ease.

GoGuardian’s Strategic Investment

GoGuardian is a K-12 education technology sector leader, providing classroom management and analytics tools to more than 8 million students worldwide. On November 10, 2020, the company announced its latest strategic investment from Tiger Global Management, totaling USD 200 million. This investment gives the company a valuation of more than $1 billion by Reuters. It marks an important milestone for GoGuardian in its mission to enable teachers to better understand and meet their students’ needs.

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The strategic investment comes at a time of rapid growth for GoGuardian. Founded in 2014 by a group of Los Angeles-based students and entrepreneurs, GoGuardian was launched as an Answeramatic brand with the original goal of helping parents learn more about their child’s online activities while they were away at school or away from home in general. However, the company quickly pivoted its focus to classroom management and analytics by launching Dashboard—a web filtering platform to protect students against cyber threats while allowing schools unparalleled insight into educational data trends.

Over the years as GoGuardian’s products have become more popular, particularly among educators, so has its user base—growing from schools on just one continent to almost 25 countries worldwide over six years. In 2019 alone, GoGuardian added over 200 new schools to its roster and now stands at 1:1 ratios with 11 US states offloading tech policies onto their products.

Tiger Global Management’s strategic investment will help solidify GoGuardian’s position as an industry leader that innovates for educators—developing new insights for administrators that can help them tailor curriculum offerings and improve student outcomes along with supporting student safeguarding through dynamic filters that are tailored each student level protecting student privacy interests simultaneously. With this newly acquired capital injection from Tiger Global Management, GoGuardian will continue reaching more customers worldwide as well as investing further into developers’ salaries for creating cutting-edge products specifically built for creating safe digital environments in classrooms around Ohio country—allowing teachers everywhere access premium resources no matter what their budgets look like or school demographics may be comprised of.

Benefits of the Investment

GoGuardian’s strategic partnership with Tiger Global Management brings significant financial and technological benefits. The $200 million investment will help GoGuardian expand its presence in the K-12 EdTech market and strengthen its leadership position within the sector.

With funds from this strategic partnership, GoGuardian can continue to build innovative products such as their flagship edtech analytics platform and develop additional EdTech technologies for K-12 use. The investment will also allow GoGuardian to expand their workforce to meet current and future demands, allowing them to maintain their rapid growth and continually improve the quality of their products.

On top of that, the investment from Tiger Global Management also enables GoGuardian to develop relationships with additional strategic partners across multiple industries that can help support their future success. This injection of capital enhances current initiatives for product innovation and allows for new opportunities in the US K-12 market and further expansion into global markets.

Future Plans

With the recent infusion of $200 million from Tiger Global Management, GoGuardian has significant capital to continue its expansion into the EdTech industry. The company plans to continue listening to customer feedback and adjust their products to better meet the various needs in schools throughout the United States and worldwide.

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GoGuardian has also announced plans to further develop its machine learning algorithm to more accurately identify suspicious behavior to ensure student safety while providing a personalized learning experience. In addition, they plan on making their products simpler and easier for educators and administrators and adding new features such as natural language processing.

Finally, GoGuardian is looking at ways to improve access for low income families so that all students have access to school resources regardless of their financial situation.


In its six-year history, GoGuardian has firmly established itself as a leader in the EdTech industry. By providing organizations and schools with an innovative, comprehensive SaaS platform, GoGuardian has made huge strides in promoting digital safety, student engagement, and A.I.-driven learning. The success of their platform was further solidified recently when they secured a $200 million strategic investment from Tiger Global Management.

This infusion of capital will allow GoGuardian to continue developing forward-thinking solutions essential to the future of K-12 learning and technology education. With this additional funding, GoGuardian looks forward to building upon its success in the EdTech industry and continuing to drive positive change for students worldwide.

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