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Everything You Need to Know About Chrono

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Chrono. Tech offers blockchain-based solutions for hiring, HR, and payment procedures to safely lower and eliminate obstacles to employing new employees and transferring money for businesses. The native token for the Chrono. The Tech ecosystem’s collection of products is called TIME. The development achievements of Chrono. Tech span from creating its side chain with a unique consensus process to successfully deploying decentralized apps.

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Breaking Down Chrono. tech

To lower the barriers to finding work and safely transferring money in the global labor market, Chrono. Tech provides blockchain-based technologies for recruiting, HR, and payroll.

Chrono. Tech strives to make it easier for businesses to locate and hire the employees they need and for freelancers worldwide to land the finest assignments and get paid swiftly and fairly. By using blockchain technology, it runs without the expenses, inefficiencies, and intermediaries that are present in the traditional recruiting sector. The organization’s ecosystem is built to revolutionize how people engage with businesses and how companies connect with contractors worldwide.

In addition to,, AUDT, and payments, the development’s suite of products and services are hosted on various blockchains.

The first TIME token was created in February 2017 as an ERC20 token, and then in November 2020, it was upgraded to the new ERC677 standard. The upgrade allows the TIME token to be linked with other Defi protocols, providing less expensive transactions and more functionality while still being completely ERC20 compliant.

Furthermore, the new TIME 2.0 token contract includes the most recent project metadata—the Chrono. The tech ecosystem has expanded with the adoption of the ERC677 standard, enabling TIME to be made accessible on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain in addition to the Ethereum mainnet.

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The Ecosystem of Chrono. tech

Freelancers and customers may connect on or Chrono. Tech’s freelance labor platform arranges projects using digital contracts powered by smart contracts and gets paid safely and automatically in cryptocurrencies. Escrowed money is automatically released when the job is finished. The TimeWarp stakers, the employer, and the freelancer each receive a portion of the fee that has been converted to TIME tokens. When there is a difference of opinion, a conflict resolution service is offered. Additionally, TIME tokens grant access to LaborX’s Premium status, which has advantages including bigger TIME bonuses and first place in search results. has cheap costs and is decentralized, making it accessible to everyone.

The cryptocurrency exchange for is called, and it is situated in Australia and licensed and compliant with AUSTRAC. Timex combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized systems, enabling less expensive transactions and an easy-to-use trading environment. While the standard UI provides a user-friendly trading experience, the usage of Plasma enables speedy and safe trading of digital assets. 25% of the trading commissions from all trades executed on Timex are immediately converted to TIME and credited to users’ accounts



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The ecosystem’s Defi yield farming tool,, allows TIME holders to stake their tokens in exchange for a portion of the ecosystem’s earnings. The TIME holders receive weekly payments for all produced revenues. Additionally, TimeWarp distributes TIME on a weekly basis to liquidity providers for TIME pools on significant AMMs on the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, and BSC.

An Ethereum-based stablecoin called is backed 1:1 by Australian dollars. AUDIT enables traders to hold value in AUD on the blockchain, transfer money internationally, and quickly and easily move money in and out of the blockchain ecosystem from an Australian bank account. One of the major fiat currencies traded on Timex is the AUDT. A certified outside accounting firm regularly audits AUDT to ensure that it is adhering to AUSTRAC guidelines. enables people and businesses to include cryptocurrency payments into their regular invoicing procedures. Contractors have the option to submit expert invoices and choose a cryptocurrency wallet for payment.

Businesses may pay several bills with a single click, and the application instantly converts the USD value of the debt into bitcoin. With this approach, there is no longer a need for manual calculations, which reduces the likelihood of human mistakes when paying contractors and workers in cryptocurrency. supports a variety of blockchains, including BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum. It makes it possible to quickly and easily swap TIME tokens between networks using a MetaMask wallet.

Sergei Sergienko, the creator of, co-founded the new venture Crypto Gaming United (CGU). As the business develops, it is intended to make play-to-earn choices more accessible to gamers and more lucrative. Despite being a distinct project, CGU makes use of all’s technologies by allowing participants to establish teams via LaborX and transfer their profits via Timex, therefore expanding the ecosystem’s user base and income.