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If you’re not using it, then somebody else is. Blockchain technology has evolved from a speculative tool to the base layer of most major enterprises today – and that includes games like CryptoPunks.

The “crypto punks nft” is a new technology that has been introduced by the crypto-currency NFTs. The technology is called Novo and it allows for the creation of tokens without any upfront costs, which can be traded on a decentralized exchange like Ethereum.

CryptoNovo, an NFT collector, recently posed for hundreds of images, spoke with prominent tech businesses, and attended dozens of invitation-only events all throughout New York City.

In his suburban Illinois front yard, the former schoolteacher-turned-Metaverse-mascot is raking leaves today.

“Dude,” Novo exclaims as he goes about his business, “that just occurred.”

That would be NFT.NYC, a conference/gathering/bacchanal held in early November that served as a kind of coming-out party for the nonfungible token community.

While NFT.NYC 2021 was the third in what will very definitely become a series of (at least) yearly events, it saw a significant increase in attendance over the previous year’s event. Ticket sales increased dramatically. Days have been added to the schedule. NFT.NYC grew into a four-day festival that included visits by Quentin Tarantino, Chris Rock, and The Strokes, among others.

CryptoNovo stood out among the big names, NFT fans, and inquisitive visitors that crisscrossed Times Square that week. Many NFT initiates recognized who he was, and even if NFT novices didn’t know who he was, they appeared to realize intuitively that this individual stood out even at this occasion.



Crypto NovoOutside his house in the Chicago suburbs, Novo is seen with a rake. John Lacombe is the author of this article. (It’s worth noting that Novo doesn’t usually rake leaves while wearing his mask.)



The collection consists of

CryptoNovo has a collection of NFTs worth $4 million at the moment. Meebits. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a club for bored apes. Adam is a member of the Adam Bomb Squad. Women’s World. There are plenty others. Of course, there are CryptoPunks.

Novo alone owns roughly $2.5 million in CryptoPunks. However, one of them, CryptoPunk #3706, stands out from the others.

Novo wears an LED digital mask on his head that totally hides his true features, not because of its monetary worth, but because he utilizes it as his face.

NFT.NYC was just another stop on what has been a life-changing journey for Novo.

Novo recalls, “I had pals travel out to New York with me who didn’t even have any NFTs.” “They imagined they’d sleep on the pull-out sofas in my hotel room and maybe tour New York with me.” Suddenly, they’re on a million-dollar ride, like something out of Entourage. We’re gaining access to nightclubs without spending a dime. “Everything is based on NFTs in my collection.”

“We’re rubbing shoulders with celebrities and semi-celebrities who admire us for the value we provide to the community.” It seemed strange when it came time to remove the mask and board the jet back home.”

Although we live in a world where Elon Musk called his kid “X A-Xii,” Novo’s true name is not CryptoNovo. What started as an online alias has grown into a full-fledged character.

Novo’s voyage into the realm of NFTs, which he views to be normal, starts with his creation of that character.

“It all comes down to toys for me.” I didn’t always receive toys when I was a youngster. That was it: birthdays and holidays. Toys were something I had to keep track of and guard. That turned into collecting as I grew older.”



Daft-Punk-meets-CryptoPunks-as-Novo-faces-up-to-NFTsA picture collage from NFT.NYC. Twitter is the source of this information.



The accumulator

Novo gathered everything from antique comic books to unopened Star Wars Lego kits. He, like many other collectors, was less skeptical of the rise of cryptocurrency: here was something that, in addition to its inherent worth, could be priced, purchased, and sold in the same way that a baseball card might. In 2019, a coworker introduced NFTs during a cryptocurrency discussion. That was all it took for Novo to get addicted. “I knew we were on the verge of a new frontier, not only in terms of cash, but also in terms of collecting.”

Novo pushed himself into the NFT community with zeal, becoming a regular on NFT Discord and surrounding himself with “the sharpest individuals in the space,” as he puts it. Tony Herrera, a well-known early NFT collector, taught Novo NFT essentials including setting up a MetaMask wallet, putting ETH into it, creating an ENS identity, and purchasing and selling NFTs. Novo met NFT creators including Pranksy, a well-known artist and collector. Novo inquired, made notes, and gave assistance and ideas whenever he felt able.

Novo eventually came at the moment in the NFT world for which he is arguably most known: his rags-to-riches purchase of an NFT known as the “Pranksy Hoodie.”

novo punksNovo’s CryptoPunks collection. OpenSea is the source of this information.

Novo starts, “I was a teacher.” “I didn’t have the financial means to keep dumping money into NFTs.” I put aside one paycheck for investing and couldn’t afford to go over it. I couldn’t buy an Alien, an Ape, or a Zombie [three of the most exclusive and rare CryptoPunks], a Beanie, or anything else. As a result, I began to consider another kind of CryptoPunk: the Hoodie. There were more people in that class, but they were still statistically uncommon. But because of it, I was uninterested. “Art is in the eye of the beholder, and the Hoodies appealed to me.”

“What I’ve been creating from the beginning is friends,” Novo says. Pranksy was approached directly by me. For a Hoodie he owned, I gave him 1.24 Ethereum. He retaliated with a somewhat greater sum. I had to simply go back and say, ‘Look…1.24 is exactly all I can afford.’ He could see my wallet on the public blockchain and know I was speaking the truth.”

Novo emphasizes that this was not a favorable bargain for Pranksy, but he consented to the transaction, owing to what Novo feels is Pranksy’s trust in Novo’s willingness to advance the NFT movement. It was almost as if Novo was purchasing the NFT with himself rather than 1.24 ETH, as he claims.

In any event, the deal was completed. At the time, the cost to Novo was about $400.





Investing wisely and saving

“I then clung to it.” I saw it develop into a primer and a primer asset. The hoodie was dubbed ‘The Albino Hoodie.’ It had a distinct appearance. It was in high demand. To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention to it. I’m working hard to repay Pranksy for his faith in me. I ended up assisting him in giving out 150 CryptoPunks in a raffle that developed into a significant PR event for him and for all of us in terms of NFT growth.”



mic drop“I’m CryptoNovo!” Novo says as he drops the mike at the conclusion of his lecture at NFT.NYC 2021. I’m here to assist you! Peace! Keep a good attitude and enjoy life! “, according to Twitter.



Novo’s perspective on NFTs shifted as he connected with more and more digital artists. Initially, he saw NFTs as assets, believing that the proper Bored Ape avatar might serve as his version of a Mickey Mantle rookie card. Today, though, he begins his discussion of NFTs with makers rather than collectors.

“Consider how many times the poop emoji has been used since its inception. That emoji, like every other work of art, was created by someone. But who has profited the most from that emoji? Who are the big corporations? Was it the person who created that simple work of art who made money?”

He mentions features in video games that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as the fact that legendary NFT inventor Rare Diamond Hands works as a digital-hand designer for first-person shooters at a major game studio. Novo feels he is underpaid for his work at Rare Diamond Hands, so he now generates NFT pictures of hands clutching diamonds as a reference to the Metaverse’s admiration for “diamond-handed” collectors who never sell their NFTs.

“Anyone who buys one of those images knows they’re getting an exclusive hand painted by one of the top video game artists.” The idea, Novo adds, is that no matter how much money someone is prepared to spend for a Rare Diamond Hand or a Bored Ape, the artist who produced the NFT deserves that money. NFTs provide potential for Novo — for artists, collectors, entrepreneurs, and everyone else.



NovoFor NFTs, Novo has a wonderful face.



Cheerleader’s mindset

By mid-2020, Novo’s perspective had solidified, and it had revolutionized his life. He became one of the most ardent supporters of the NFT movement. He used Restream to conduct online video interviews with NFT inventors. He was continuously tweeting about every bit of NFT news. He supplied assistance and knowledge to every new adherent in the Metaverse, even coining the term “Novoverse” to describe his own little area of the universe.

“It’s been a slog.” For over a year, I’ve been creating material in some manner every single day. Is it okay if I bring this person to this person, knowing that they have a shared understanding and can work together to achieve something greater?”

“Can I open the door for more Neos in this Matrix?” Novo can’t help himself from making an obvious allusion to the NFT: “Can I open the door for more Neos in this Matrix?”

Morpheus, Neo’s tutor in The Matrix, is noted for his distinctive sunglasses.

Novo has his mask in the kingdom of NFTs.

Novo has been utilizing digital pictures and “AR filters” — augmented reality images that superimpose over real-life footage — to substitute his genuine human face with a projection of CryptoPunk #3706 for as long as he’s been a presence in the NFT realm.

In-person encounters — both commercial and personal — became a reality as Novo grew more active in the NFT community. Novo’s reaction was to manifest a portion of the Metaverse in the actual world. He bought a digital mask that could show CryptoPunk #3706 on his face. He had a hat knitted for him by a friend’s mother that was similar to the one worn by his avatar. He purchased a costume that would be well at home on a 1960s Batman villain.



Live streamRestream live concerts featuring digital artists and NFT makers from Novo. Twitter is the source of this information.



Suddenly, an Illinois physical education instructor transformed into a Daft Punk robot for the NFT space.

New York

Novo was often contacted in New York by eager pals, whom he refers to as “My Aliens, Apes, and Zombies,” who had only engaged with him online. He was questioned for 45 minutes by a New York Times writer (albeit he was just referred to in the piece as “the proprietor of CryptoPunk #3706.”) Novo delivered a wild speech at an NFT.NYC town hall, ending with him dropping the mike and high-fiving his way out through the throng.

Everyone was clamoring for a picture. New Yorkers tended to see Novo as a “piece” of the event, whether they recognized him as CryptoNovo or just as “that goofy-looking robot-man on the pavement.” Something unusual is occurring here, as shown by a banner, a mascot, and an indication. Novo was happy with it all, however he was concerned about anything that may add to bad perceptions about the event or the NFT movement in general, such as a simple “robot mascot.”





“On the one side, any form of debate will onboard more people,” Novo says, “and having a discussion — negative or good — will drive dialogue and enable individuals to come to their own conclusions.” Ninety-eight percent of individuals who read an article on NFTs don’t know what they are. My glass is always half-full, while theirs is always half-empty. It’s something I’d want to fill. As a result, I’m always glad when people are conversing.”

Novo, on the other hand, objects to two notions: that the NFT movement is made up of “a bunch of crypto dudes” and that it is all about earning a fast cash.

“When I arrived in New York for NFT.NYC, I was anticipating to engage with hundreds of individuals I’d never met before. Maybe I had seen them on my Restream show with an AR filter on, or maybe I had tweeted with them.”

“To be honest, the variety astounded me. I’m posing for all of these photos, and there’s such a diverse range of genders, ages, and cultures represented. “This community is now everyone, and everyone is giving their distinct flavor to it,” I realize.

Bitcoin millionaire

Novo will have a bit more difficulty with the second notion. After all, he’s towards the top of the list of NFT “early adopters” who have earned significant profits.

Someone messaged Novo on Discord one day and asked whether he’d be prepared to sell the Pranksy Hoodie. The buyer is kept private by Novo, but the offer is not: Ether in the amount of 350

The value of both NFTs and bitcoin has lately surged.

For his Hoodie, Novo was given the equivalent of $1.07 million.

Novo acknowledges, “I had already understood I’d have to sell some of my NFTs merely to pay taxes.” “And, yeah… that’s a lot of cash.” He was the one who closed the deal.

Novo swiftly says, “Here’s what I don’t like.” “At this point, I feel like I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t whenever I repeat this tale to anybody who isn’t already on board with NFTs.”





Novo is talking to what he did with his million-dollar bitcoin windfall, or rather, what he didn’t do with it. He didn’t cash out – at least not all of it. He almost immediately re-invested in a lower-value Hoodie that he thought he could obtain for a good deal.

“Let’s think about it,” Novo suggests. “If I invest my money back into our community because I see value, but also because I believe in the power of this movement, then I’m an idiot because, according to those who aren’t truly a part of this, it’s all a gigantic bubble that’s going to burst.” But if I pay out, I’ll just be another dude out for a quick buck. In any case, I’m going to be stereotyped.”

“All I have to do now is trust,” Novo concludes. “Stories like these will help more people understand what’s going on, and those people will grasp it, and our community will expand as a result.”

By the way, explaining what’s going on has become Novo’s full-time job.

Novo came to a fork along the road earlier this year. He’d had full-time offers in the NFT field and sat down with his wife to explore a career move. Fortunately, his wife, an advertising professional, believes in the potential of NFTs as a disruptive force in technology and business. She pushed him to make the change.

For lack of a better word, Novo is now a “ideas guy.”

He chuckles and says, “It’s calls.” “There were a lot of calls – but they were all pleasant calls!” ”

NFTs are in the business of making money.

According to Novo, NFTs are a place that the corporate world wants to be a part of but doesn’t completely comprehend. Novo often assists organizations in identifying paths to significant NFT participation. One day, he could be tasked with bringing together a prestigious organization and a budding digital artist. Another day, he may assist a big hotel group in determining the scope of a Metaverse-themed resort.

Novo thinks that everyone who utilizes NFTs as a vehicle to actually give something to the NFT community, from a giant organization to a struggling artist, will be rewarded with brand loyalty. Some producers or collectors may become wealthy, but the place itself will be transformative — a whole new world in which everyone can engage, congregate, and, yes, profit.



Party During NFT.NYC, Novo attended a party. Twitter is the source of this information.



This is, of course, the type of rose-colored foresight you’d expect from someone who sits in boardrooms with an NFT on his face on a daily basis. 

Novo confesses, “Yeah.” “I am a firm believer.” But I’m not certain it’s just me. “I believe the proof is right there for everyone who takes the time to look.”

Novo describes a podcast he recently listened to. “It was covered by the same reporter that interviewed me at NFT.NYC.” He described NFT.NYC as a melting pot of celebrities, scene people, hackers, artists, venture capitalists, libertarians, and others. It was strange, he remarked. Sorry, but it doesn’t strike me as ‘strange.’”

“That sounds like everyone,” Novo says, his usual upbeat tone.





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