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10 Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment [2021 Edition]

Cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon with different ways to earn it on the rise. These are some of the best opportunities for 2019, including trading and mining.

The “how to get free cryptocurrency 2021” is a blog about the top 10 ways to earn free cryptocurrency without investment.

In the decentralized market, there are several free methods to earn cryptocurrency. There are a variety of affiliate schemes, airdrops, and just storing crypto currencies in your wallet that may enable you make money without actually purchasing any tokens. There are a variety of methods to earn free cryptocurrency without investing, but they all pay users in Tokens (cryptocurrency), which you can withdraw or trade (to Bitcoin or any other altcoin) and convert into fiat currency like USD via exchanges.


We will look at ways to earn bitcoin without making any investments in this post. Here are a few articles on how to make money via investment if you wish to earn cryptocurrencies by investing in various coins:


Earn Free Cryptocurrency without any Investment Bitcoin


10 Free Cryptocurrency Methods

Let’s have a look at the top ten methods to get free bitcoins without having to invest or purchase anything.


Take part in genuine airdrops.

Best Airdrops 2020

Airdrops are free bitcoin distributions used to promote a cryptocurrency project. However, since there are several ongoing scams that may acquire sensitive information like as your email address or KYC papers, it is strongly advised that you only engage in genuine Airdrops. Users acquire cryptocurrency via airdrops by accomplishing modest activities such as:

  • obtaining a wallet/app
  • bringing a buddy
  • registering using an email address,
  • sharing on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Here’s a list of good airdrops where you can get free cryptocurrencies: Airdrops of the Best Cryptocurrencies


Wallets for Cryptocurrencies may be downloaded for free.

Yes, just downloading and finishing the setup will get you free crypto tokens. I’m going to show you a couple of the best crypto multi-cryptocurrency wallets and how to get free tokens with them. These wallets are secure places to save all of your cryptocurrency. The following is a list of wallets:


Claim your free 15 Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) from Atomic Wallet:

  • Complete the installation of Atomic Wallet.
  • go to airdrop->settings
  • To get 15 free AWC coins, enter your email address and use the promo code 172G5R.
  • Share your referral link with others to get more money.


Wallet You Can Trust (Get 100 TWT Token Free)

  1. Trust Wallet is a free app that you may download.
  2. Create an account and set up your wallet.
  3. A pop-up window will now appear. To redeem your referral and get 100 TWT tokens, click “OK.”
  4. If the pop-up does not appear, try clicking on this referral link again. 100 TWT tokens will be given to you.
  5. For each referral, you may earn 100 TWT tokens.


Become a member of affiliate programs.

The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges include affiliate or referral schemes. Bitcoin affiliate programs are the most popular. It’s as simple as joining a Bitcoin affiliate network and promoting their products. You will get a referral link from the platform, which you may share with your friends, family, and on social media, or post on your own website. You may also create your own advertisement campaign. You earn a commission for each registration or transaction your buddy completes.

If your buddy passes the link to others and is compensated, you will get a passive commission. This is known as the Tiered Referral System, and it aids in the formation of a trade network. Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Brave, Atomic wallet, Genesis Mining, and Codex are just a few of the referral schemes available.

The following are some examples of affiliate programs:

Coinbase: You may earn $10 for referring a user to build a Coinbase Wallet for their coin. is a cryptocurrency exchange where customers may purchase Bitcoins. It has an appealing affiliate scheme in which each user sent via your referral link receives $10, and you get the same amount of $10 for each recommended user. A lifetime commission of 20% of the cost paid by the person you introduced via your affiliate link will also be paid to you. Become a member of the Affiliate Program.


Brave Browser is now available for use (Free BAT Tokens)

10 Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment [2021 Edition] 1

Many internet users spend hours upon hours on Google Chrome or Mozilla browsers, where they are forced to watch a barrage of advertising on every page. In reality, when you search on Google, you will see 2-3 advertisements at the top of the page.

Brave is a web browser that pays users to access the Internet. It is free, fast, secure, and open-source. Brave is a unique strategy, in which the user is compensated for seeing advertisements while browsing the web. Brave substitutes website adverts with their own ads, for which the person browsing the web page receives 70% of the ad money.

All you have to do is download and install a brave browser on your phone or computer, then go about your usual internet browsing. Brave Browser is now available for download.


Earn Bounties by promoting ICO/IEO projects.

Offering your talents or services as a bounty is another option to earn free cash. Exchanges may employ your skills if you’re competent at coding or building dApps, and you’ll gain free coins in return via bounties. Developers may make a lot of money by offering a security protocol or detecting frauds on the blockchain. Non-developers may also get money by commenting on social media sites and engaging in community forums. You may promote a project via Facebook, Twitter, the Bitcointalk Forum, by writing an article, by evaluating videos on YouTube, and so on.


By completing tasks, you may earn money.

Participating in “faucets” is another popular method to earn cryptocurrency for free. These are a tiny number of cryptos that are given in exchange for performing tasks. For example, you may earn free dogecoins by using a dogecoin faucet.

Earn.con is a website that rewards users for performing tasks and responding to emails. They have teamed up with Coinbase to establish a service that allows students to earn money while studying. Coinbase allows verified customers to participate in earning opportunities such as answering questions or performing activities. This gives users the chance to learn about cryptocurrencies and the platform, with the additional bonus of earning money. has introduced a Coinbase Earn program in which users must first learn about cryptocurrencies and tokens by viewing instructional films, then earn them by doing skill-testing quizzes! It seems to be straightforward; here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a Coinbase account and finish the KYC process.
  2. Register on and complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) process.
  3. Start earning as soon as you finish the job.


With no initial investment, you may profit from mining.

Electroneum is a well-known digital currency. You may make money by using free mining programs like the Electroneum mobile mining software on your Android phone. Follow the easy steps to earn ETN.

  • Install the app on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.
  • Get your ETN Wallet by registering.
  • Activate your email link and complete the 2FA verification procedure to connect and validate your wallet.
  • After completing the verification process, log in using your email address and password PIN to begin mining.
  • After reaching a minimum of 10 ETN coins, you may check your wallet at any moment.
  • To get your free coins, enter the Referral Code 9E47B8 or scan the QR code below.

ETN referral


dApps are a great way to get free bitcoins.

This is one of the most legitimate methods to earn free coins by virtue of your knowledge and skills. For various activities or services you provide to a blockchain network, dApps may reward you with crypto currency. You may provide a variety of services, including writing online evaluations of crypto currencies, airdrops, crowdfunding, and freelance work. You may also get the Coinbase wallet, which comes with a number of dApps that can help you earn cryptos such as Cent, SmartDrops, and others.

Survey applications might also let you earn some additional crypto currency. Apple has a number of genuine and secure applications that might assist you in earning cryptocurrency. The Kik’s Kinit Software is one such app that rewards you with Kin coins in exchange for completing surveys, which you can then use to buy gift cards.


Earn Free Tokens by Publishing on

These 5 unique methods to make money on

  • Earn prizes by writing blog entries about blockchain or sharing comments on the Steemit platform. When it comes to blogging, the quality of your material is crucial. You may receive a hefty compensation for your postings if you have a large fan base. The rewards are provided in bitcoins, which may be changed into fiat currency afterwards.
  • Another simple approach to get money on Steemit is to leave relevant comments on blog articles and vote in the community.
  • STEEM power to you, Leese. The more followers you have and the better your post rating is, the more STEEM power you have. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to lend your STEEM power and earn money in return.
  • Join the Steemit platform as a Curie Curator. Curie is a group that recognizes and rewards talented writers. A single upvote may make a big impact on a blog article, and you can earn up to $80 for it. So, to make some additional cash, become a curator whose duty it is to locate high-quality postings.
  • ADSACTLY (Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively) is a non-profit that compensates authors for uploading their work on their blog. Being a writer or an editor may earn you money.

The “how to earn 1 bitcoin per day without investment” is a list of ways that you can earn free cryptocurrency. The list includes ways that are not only easy, but also will help you learn about the world of cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free Cryptocurrency in 2021?

A: There are a few ways that you may be able to do this with the help of a bot. You can use your location to find places where people offer discounts or even give away free cryptocurrencies for certain tasks. For example, if there is an app somewhere in 2019 that offers 10% off at participating stores with its users having crypto as their currency, but not everyone has crypto yet and thus cannot spend them on the discounted items, then those who have cryptos could trade their coins for fiat so they can buy those items assuming someone would sell them things from those shops using these currencies. Alternatively, some cryptocurrency exchanges allow bots access to deposit money into their accounts without requiring information such as bank account numbers or credit cards which means you just need an email address and password to get started trading your coins againt other cryptocurrencies on these exchanges

How can I earn crypto for free?

A: You can earn crypto by offering your time and services, or create a product that people want to buy. There are many ways for you to get started with cryptocurrency today!

How can I get free Bitcoin without any investment?

A: Do not invest in Bitcoin, but rather trade it for free. This is possible by purchasing a cheaper currency like the US Dollar and then trading your USD for Bitcoin at an exchange like Coinbase or Coinmama. Then use that BTC to buy something on Amazon or Ebay with no fees attached to you!

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